3 meal recipes for serious clean muscle gains

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Clean eating for gains

It’s a buzz phrase that’s very old…and it’s open to interpretation. What’s clean exactly? What constitutes a clean

food? We know our modern environment is loaded with toxins of all kinds.  Our produce supply is high in pesticides

and the meat supply is loaded with hormones and chemicals. So how do you actually find CLEAN animal based 

proteins for your muscle building? There are a few questions I answer to qualify the protein.


1 – Is it compatible with my blood type? (I’ll get into the blood type philosophy in the future) 2. If it’s a fish

is it highly susceptible to Mercury contamination (this eliminates Tuna for me). 3. If it’s a meat is it organic, pasture

raised, fed corn, soy. Bison and cows are grazers. So Ideally, you want pasture raised beef from a bison or cow.

You want to avoid soy and corn as much as possible. Corn is hard on digestion and soy messes with hormones.


These 3 meal recipes are based on things I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner often. And can be made in bulk. 3 high protein, low carb meals.


Breakfast – Salmon omelette

This right here is super solid. Low calorie and high protein if you’re keto. (I’m not so I eat oatmeal too).

For the salmon I take half a can of Wild Planet Sockeye Salmon

Then I take 2 Vital farm pasture raised eggs (one full egg, one yoke removed)

Put the eggs into a blender, then add 2-3 oz of unsweetened coconut milk (good MCT content) and blend it.

Pour contents into a skillet or cast iron pan and let cook flat. Once cooked, sprinkle parsley, pepper, anything

else you want to add to taste. Add salmon contents then fold the omelette over.


Now you have an omelette with:

  • 30g of protein
  • Under 500 calories
  • Loaded with MCT, Omega 3s.


Lunch – Ramen Seafood Bowls

This is something I eat often after a workout. As opposed to large whey/milk protein shake  that upsets my

digestive system.  This provides some carbs and protein for growth and recovery.  In a large glass pyrex you can

make a few day’s worth. (Glass to avoid BPH and plastic leeching).

These are the packs of Ramen I use – Lotus Foods Purple Potato and Brown Rice Ramen

For fish, I love Cole’s Rainbow Trout which you can throw a whole can in.   I also like add  Organic Mussels.

Mix these up and store for a few days worth of good lunches.

1 serving = 8oz bowl

  • 560 calories
  • 36g of protein
  • Omega 3s

Dinner – Bison Beef Stroganoff


This one is powerful. Bison beef is the best beef available in my opinion. It’s low in fat, and Bison are a natural born

animal. (Cows are hybrids cultivated for beef).  This is protein packed.  You need 1lb of ground Bison which can be

gotten from Buy Ranch Direct

Also from here : Tender Bison

For the stroganoff … I use Sam Mill’s Gluten Free Stroganoff

For milk I use the coconut milk previously mentioned in replacement of dairy milk.

I’ve just never bought into the logic of using dairy if you’re not a baby.  This meal packs a punch with plenty of

protein and fat content for growth.



These meals don’t necessarily sound appetizing. But the point is results . It’s important to know your own body’s 

chemistry and what kind of foods you can tolerate and what kinds you can’t. I don’t tolerate chicken well for

example. I also start to make mucus when I eat dairy.

I think these are a good medium.

These meals do get the job done.


What are some of your go to meals for gaining?







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