3 Must Have Supplements For Great Health

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3 Must-Have Supplements For Great Health


The supplement industry is full of products labeled as health products. Pills, capsules, serums, liquids. It can be daunting figuring out what is what. Many of these supplements are of low quality or make unrealistic claims. Yet I’ve known people who tend to “hoard” supplements. Their cabinets are loaded with health supplements that just collect dust.

There isn’t a need for a massive cabinet filled with supplements. There are really only a handful of them that are necessary unless you have a specific deficiency or ailment. With these 3 you’ll be able to cover all bases!


1. Tru-Niagen


Tru-Niagen is a form of B3 called NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) that makes up every cell in our body. It is the most fundamental nutrient in our cell health. If our ability to produce new cells is hampered, we age. So this supplement is fundamental to our very existence as humans.

It’s a potent anti-aging and energy supplement in one. If you buy now you’ll get $10 off.




2. Source Of Life Gold Liquid Multi-Vitamin


This is my favorite multivitamin. After using dozens over the course of my life I’ve found this one to be hands down, the best. It has every single vitamin and mineral you could possibly think of in it. It’s also whole food based.  In addition to vitamins and minerals, adaptogen herbs, immune boosting herbs, and other necessary nutrients are included.  It is a bit pricey at $48 for a month’s supply but it’s well worth it.

This version doesn’t have iron in it which important for men not to become iron overloaded, but for women, the iron version is recommended.

All bases are covered, you can’t possibly go wrong.

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3. Test Booster And Hormone Optimizer


A quality testosterone booster and hormone optimization supplement is necessary, especially for men. In the link I go through my 3 top Test Boosters that actually work.  Modern life has put serious stress on our hormone situation. And so it’s necessary to keep a high quality test booster around.


Like I said in the beginning, these are basic supplements. If there are other health issues you have consult a doctor, get a blood test for vitamin and mineral levels. If you are out of balance or deficient, add those vitamins and minerals into your diet regimen.


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