5 Great Ways To Lose Fat Now

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5 Great Ways To Lose Fat Now


Almost everyone wants to lose fat. But not everyone knows how to actually lose fat effectively. The health industry has created thousands of pills, potions, and plans for the sole purpose of losing weight.   There’s really no trick, no miracle diet, just effective steps to actually cut it. It requires a change in habit and mindset and some commitment.  Here are 5 ways to lose fat.


1. Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent fasting is a craze now. It’s being pumped up and promoted everywhere. While it is an excellent way to reshape your body, it’s not a miracle cure. What I will tell you is, your body will adjust to the new eating schedule (whether you fast for 16 hours, 18 hours, 20 hours). I personally fast from 6 p.m. until the following morning at 10 a.m. . That’s my 16/8 fasting schedule.

Maybe you want to create a smaller eating window. There are some that only eat in a 4-hour window. That works for them. Some alternate days where they fast 16 -20 hours one day then resume their regular schedule the next.  Autophagy really begins at 16 hours. So the more you can go over 16 hours, the better. For those who haven’t heard the word autophagy before; that’s when your cells dump their garbage and clean themselves out.

Now the reason for even Intermittent fasting in the first place is to encourage ketosis. I.E. burning fat for fuel as opposed to glucose/glycogen. This will encourage fat loss. It also gives your body a chance to heal, and repair your nervous system. Eating takes a great deal of energy resources from your body.

One thing in the morning I like on some days, is 1 part coffee, 1 part vanilla coconut milk. Cococoffee. It has some flavor, it has some caffeine, and it has MCT (Medium-Chain-Triglycerides) that feed the brain and give the brain some energy and the ability to do mental labor.

So if your job isn’t terribly physically strenuous, and you want to try IF, I recommend the cococoffee in the a.m.  then eat lunch around noon.


2. Cut Sugar


Cutting sugar seems like common sense right? I mean we all know sugar throws your insulin out of wack, so why do people have trouble cutting sugar? The problem with sugar is it creates a similar brain chemical reaction as cocaine. So people are literally addicted to sugar.

Now it can be combated, it will take months, but you can ween yourself off it slowly.  Replacing sugary drinks with water or drinks with alternative sweeteners like Bai. Avoid aspartame if you can. Cutting the calories from sugar will undoubtedly CUT the fat.


3. Leave Breads Alone


Bread is often made with enriched wheat flour, a partial, harder to digest wheat derivative. Not only does it wreak havoc on many people’s digestion, but it’s a simple carb that converts to glucose very quickly. Breads and grains are very much a filler food that most of the time, isn’t necessary.

If you want a better alternative to bread, buy a flatbread as a low calorie, low yeast bread.


4. Don’t Snack


Snacking because you’re bored is one of the worst habits to have. Also eating just because you’re in front of a TV. Evaluate your own habits, do you eat every time you sit down in front of a TV? If you do, that means you have to remove one of the factors from the equation. Either don’t watch TV or commit to not eating while watching.


5. Calorie Deficits


This is the only way to lose weight, follow one to start burning through fat, but you also need to eat less. One way I eliminate hundreds of calories is by not eating flavored oatmeal, and replacing orange juice with tea in the morning. Then replace whatever sugary drink you drink with lunch.

Cut 500 calories a day for 7 days, and that equals 1 lb of dropped weight. Cut 500 calories for a month, and that’s 4lb of real weight lost. Not water weight, not any optical illusion…. REAL FAT LOSS.

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