5 Reasons Why Veganism Is Truly Nonsense

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5 Reasons Why Veganism Is Truly Nonsense


Veganism and nutrition is a huge controversial topic. It’s very politically charged, emotionally charged, and people have many different reasons for why they eat how they do.

Some of it is for environmental reasons, another is for the sake of animals, and some for purely health reasons. I want to talk about all of these motivations and factors.

My Vegan Story

Now, I want to give you some background on my experience. For about 4-5 years in my 20s, I was a straight-up vegan. I slimmed to about 170 lbs. This was a time in my 20s where I was seeking a form of enlightenment and consciousness and my travels led me down the road of veganism.

I would eat a lot of rice and beans, vegetables, burger substitutes, Indian food. Really anything that was vegan and gluten-free, I was eating. As time went on, I noticed that I was more and more physically fatigued.  Muscle tone was not up to par and I had a general feeling of poor health.

I had blood tests done for my vitamin and mineral levels. It turns out I was low in Iron, Vitamin D, and a host of other nutrients. I was also CRAVING a burger. The burger craving was my body telling me I needed iron.

So after that, I figured that’s a wrap, I’m over the whole vegan thing.

Now later on down the line, I learned more in depth about food combining, and how important that is for the vegan diet. Would this have changed my health during my stint as a vegan? Sure. However, the amount of quinoa, rice, beans, nuts, and seeds I would have had to eat, especially while working out would have been revolting. A big bowl of that for lunch and dinner, a lot of cooking. I just didn’t have the time to do all of that.

So if you’re able to food combine, and get all your nutrients and tests come back great, more power to you I salute you.

Also, we have to remember, different body types and blood types require different levels and ratios of nutrients as highlighted in: How To Ignite Muscle Growth To Build Muscle.


P.V. (Post Vegan)

Time went on, and I was still searching for a diet that would help me function more efficiently and at peak condition. I came across the blood type diet mentioned above, and I entered into a dietetics program in college. (Read about my experience with that: Why I Stopped Pursuing Dietetics.

Throughout that period discovered that for myself, the diet that worked best was one balanced with protein (lamb, fish, some beef, eggs), vegetables, complex carbs like yams and sweet potatoes, rice, and plenty of clean water. I stay away from corn and corn products as much as possible, as well as chicken and most nuts. This is because certain proteins in chicken work against my blood type. Plus factory farmed chickens eat corn. So you’re getting corn one way or another.

So it’s not that I’m against vegetables or fruit. Some people actually go there when arguing their case for veganism. I GROW a cornucopia of fruit and vegetables every single year. I also recognize even the blood type A person who has the poorest digestion, needs some meat.

I want to talk about some of the arguments and charges vegans make and break down why these are nonsense.


1. Eat What Is Living Not What’s Dead


This is something I hear often. Life begets life. Eating plants means you’re killing a life. Plants are also living things too. The studies on whether plants themselves have nerves and can feel pain are inconclusive. But they are alive none the less.

After you cut them from their water source,  they begin to oxidize. They’re dying, just like any meat. A freshly cut apple begins to brown within minutes. So this reasoning to become a vegan isn’t sound. Anything you eat just about, is dying. Sprouts and seeds can be looked at as growing, and this is why many eat them. But other than that, everything is oxidizing.


2. Plants Are More Nutritious


Not necessarily true. Soils have become depleted Soil Depletion. The soil that grows much of our produce is not well kept and creates very low nutrient density in the plants that grow there. Mono-cropping and other practices have robbed the soil of its richness.

This doesn’t account for the fact that many modern genes of fruit were developed to create more calories so as to feed more people. The nutrient density has diminished. Look at the bananas below, one is a wild banana, the other a cultivated high sugar calorie production banana:

The banana with the seeds is not nearly as sweet or loaded with calories, but it is more nutrient dense.

Add in the time frame it takes to ship a lot of these prematurely picked fruits and vegetables around the world. Much of our produce is just very poor quality.

I’ve eaten fresh fruit from the tree or bush in almost every region of the world, and it all tastes so much better and has an electricity to it. Like it does from my own garden.

That’s why I’m a huge advocate of :


Eating fruits and veggies from your own garden allows you to control the production and eat in season. And farmer’s markets sell in season and locally grown produce, usually from a few different sources. No long shipping times and nutrient loss.

Meat, on the other hand, is very nutrient dense, especially pasture-raised cows, eggs, etc. Here are some Bison meat nutrition facts: Bison nutrition.

Nutrient density is more important than anything else. You want to eat the most nutrients you can per calorie.


3. It’s Not Spiritual To Eat Meat


This is just false.  Eating meat has been a part of every society, even those with deep spiritual histories. In many Native American cultures meat is not only eaten but the hunt of an animal is looked at as sacred. As such, all body parts are used. The bones become stew,  jewelry, the meat…food, and the skin and hide, clothes and saddles.

Part of the problem now is the way in which animals are mass slaughtered. This I agree with vegans wholeheartedly. I’m not in favor of factory farms. And while I do eat the meat some times, I order meat from small farms like Buy Ranch Direct and farmer’s markets more often than not.

There is nothing inherently spiritual about not eating meat. Not a very compelling reason to be vegan.


4. Meat Ruins Digestion “I Can’t Digest Meat”


Going back to the blood type diet, it is true that your blood type has an impact on how well you can digest meat. Type O  people digest it very easily. Others it becomes more challenging.

Modern eating habits are responsible for poor digestion in general though. We eat while in a hurry, we drink cold drinks while we eat, we don’t chew enough, or properly. There are a whole slew of reasons why people with this complaint experience it. In How To Conquer Anxiety Naturally I talk about how chewing and the way modern living forms our jaws results in a lot of problems. Poor chewing and eating habits result in poor digestion. No way around it.

So before you condemn meat, are you chewing with your mouth closed…using your tongue to chew, and chewing long enough? Are you drinking anything?

Digestion becomes very simple when we actually begin to eat properly.


5. Humans Weren’t Meant To Eat Meat


This one is one the most common arguments. People will argue that humans are some how not meant to eat meat. We’re the number 1 predator on Earth!!  Our canines might have become smaller over time, but our bodies are versatile and can easily consume meat.

Now blood type A, which is the youngest blood type came about after man had created agriculture, and did less hunting. So the body of a type A  is likely less athletic, muscular and resistant to stress. That doesn’t mean that they don’t need meat or shouldn’t have meat, it just means they should eat less and in smaller portions.





I have nothing really against the vegan diet. I just don’t care for the browbeating and cultish attitude some take, especially if the information and rationale given for browbeating me into becoming a vegan again is not totally accurate or practical.

Can the meat industry be cleaned up a hell of a lot? Yes. Farming practices can and should be much more efficient, organic, and environmentally friendly.  But so can agriculture. Agriculture is no angel towards the environment either. So I do the best I can on all fronts. Growing my own food, shopping at farmer’s markets, buying meat from local farms or farm direct, and call it a day.












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