5 Ways To Command Respect

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5 Ways To Command Respect


Body language is just as important as our verbal language. Body language can actually tell you so much about a person before they even open your mouth. So what if your body gives off a different vibe than what you say when you open your mouth? People can see through it.

So how does one command respect even when they’re not feeling the most confident or aren’t the most confident person? Follow this list and you will be able to move through life with better results.


1. Chin Up


My father always told us to walk with our chin up. Reason being looking down projects weakness. Walking through the streets with your head down is a signal to wolves around you that you’re sheepish. So it was taught to me as a survival mechanism just as much as it commands respect in other ways.

Looking down is not good, also looking upward also sends the wrong message. You ever see someone who walks with their head tilted back? They look arrogant, condescending, cocky.  You want to project confidence, but not arrogance. You want to project assuredness, not weakness.


2. Shoulders Back


You ever see someone who walks around with slouching shoulders? That is a person who is shrinking them self. Someone who moves around with slouched shoulders looks closed off, small. They’re protecting themselves and not open to their surroundings.

Pulling your shoulders back makes you taller, helps to straighten your neck and to look more physically imposing. Metaphysically these people are not open and welcoming to their environment. Contracting not expanding. Command respect by pushing your shoulders back.


3. Eye Contact


People that can’t look someone in the eyes (in America) is someone that appears scared or intimidated. Eye contact avoidance is a real problem. In some cultures, eye contact or staring is disrespect, but not in the U.S.  Make eye contact, but don’t stare. You’ll look like a serial killer if you stare. You don’t want to make people think you’re a killer.

If it’s a hard thing for you to do and you have eye contact anxiety, there are little tricks like raising your eyebrows or nodding. Other things to focus on so you literally forget your discomfort with eye contact.


4. Hand Shake


You ever shake someone’s hand and their hand is soggy and limp? Instant respect lost. That person seems soft from the jump.  If a man seems soft they may lose massive amounts of respect to certain men. A weak limp grip just seems like someone who is not sure of themselves and not confident. Hand shake body language can tell you a hell of a lot about someone.


5. Saying Someone’s Name


Saying someone’s name automatically grabs their attention. If you don’t know them well it can be flattering that you remember their name. If you know them well it still sounds good to people. Humans like to hear their name as insignificant as that sounds.

When you greet someone with man, lady, whatever you tend to call people. It’s very impersonal and depending on who they are you may lose their attention instantly. They don’t feel connected.


These are 5 ways to command respect but there are many more. I actually have an old etiquette book my father handed down to me that I will write some posts about. It’s a really high-class guidebook meant for dealing with people with means.

Also more about this particular topic about commanding respect and earning respect. There’s a science to it as well. So be on the lookout for that too. Commanding respect is a part of making your own luck.

How do you command respect? What have you learned yourself?

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