6 Philosophy Quote Pins That Can Absolutely Change Your Life

6 Philosophy Quote Pins That Can Absolutely Change Your Life


This quote by Stoic Wisdom is just that.  Stoic Wisdom. Approach new opinions, and new information with an open mind. Keep the information and put it in storage. Absorbing new information doesn’t mean you have to adopt it. But you can still use it as a point of reference.

Nowadays with the advent of social media, there is this pervasive tunnel vision mentality, where different points of views and opinions are somehow hostile and have to be crushed. This is a poor way to take in new data.

Accept that 4 different people can look at the same exact object, and see 4 different things based on their own experiences and worldview.


Experience is the best teacher.  A book, a video, a teacher or mentor can only show you so much. You have to go through the motions yourself though.

Personally, I learn this way the best.



Time is our most valuable commodity.  The amount of time people waste now is kind of scary. There is so much to do, and so many problems to solve. There are weapons of mass distraction all around us. Read more here : How To Break Free From Social Media’s Grip.

You’re 20 years old, and believe you have all the time in the world, you waste it, then you’re 30. It dawns on you that you’re not where you should be. 35… where did the last 5 years go? 40… where did the time go? By then regret sets in. You don’t want to be that person. Act now! Check out Why You Need To Start An Online Business Today and start heading in the right direction.


This kind of dovetails into the previous quote about time! For some people, being a martyr and having a savior complex gives them power and a sense of purpose. All too often there are those who prey on those kinds of individuals.

So before you give of yourself to someone who needs to be healed of an affliction, ask them if they are truly ready to be healed. If they’re not, the only thing that will make them read is hitting rock bottom.



Why do people go into relationships? I think the thrill. Love, passion, sex,  and all that comes with it make life worth living. Imagine what life would be like without great loves, and some heartbreak. All of those times in our lives build our character and our knowledge base. Help us to see life from different perspectives and through different prisms.

We wait for the perfect moment to do something…. and it never comes. We wait too long to tell someone we love them, they pass on, and we regret it afterward. We never take that step to clinch greatness, and it eats at us. We tell ourselves “tomorrow I’ll do it”, “later” and it never happens.

Apollo Creed tells Rocky in Rocky III one the greatest quotes from a movie ever. Rocky is ready to quit for the day after not being able to get the moves down exactly as Apollo instructs… Rocky is having doubts. And Apollo yells at him “THERE IS NO TOMORROW“.

All you have is right now, and doing your best right now. If you drill into your head this idea that I’m going to do my best right now? Every time “right now” is occurring you will do your best, and the rest will take care of itself.


We could also expand and branch off with these quotes. But I like these and look at them as philosophical cornerstones.  I also love Pins because you can make your own vision boards to remind you of certain principles. That’s how I use Pinterest.  Have any of your own quotes? Drop them in the comments section.

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