7 Massively Great Things I Wish I Did At 19

7 Massively Great Things I Wish I Did At 19


Hindsight is always 20/20 right. The information we have now would have been great when we were younger. Like the saying goes.

“Youth is wasted on the young”

That’s not to say there are regrets… because everything I’ve done has led me to where I am now, which is a great place. But I could be even further! When I was 19 there was no social media, the internet wasn’t close to what it is now (14.4k dial-up back then). So the access to good, quality information wasn’t close to what it is now.

But 19-year-olds now? You have access to amazing….AMAZING information and just need the discipline to implement that information.

Here are 7 Massively Great Things I Wish I Did At 19…in your shoes.


1. Started A Blog


Blogging is still a great tool and profitable. If you’re 19 (or young in general) …start a blog A.S.A.P. . You don’t  have to have a particular goal in mind with the blog.  Write about what you’re passionate about. Make sure you can afford to pay for the blog, and look forward 10 years.

As you make your way through your 20s, the blog will grow, and with it, you’ll gain readers and followers along the way. The more skills and knowledge you gain, the more value you can add to the blog and your readers. Your readers will grow up almost along side you.


2. Started A Vlog


If you’re on the move a lot, something we didn’t have available to use, was the use of easily recordable and shareable video content. The tech was simply not there. So maybe you don’t like writing, but you have the face and personality for video content. Document, share and store this content like you would a blog. You can actually do this in addition to a blog.


3. Started An Online Business


It’s very inexpensive to start an online business today. Once again, what is easily achievable now, wasn’t even possible back then. I’ve done all of the leg work for you in Why You Need To Start An Online Business Today.

In that article you’ll find why it’s important to start one and also why it’s important to get a copy of E-Commerce Business Tycoon.

If I started an online business when I was 19 I probably would be a millionaire 20x over by now.


4. Made Sure To Never Take Out A Student Loan


I’m speaking from third person here because I myself never had a student loan. But people in my family and some of my friends have.  It hasn’t paid off for most of them.  In fact, a few are severely behind. The loans have crippled their progress.

If you’re not afraid of work, the skilled trades are practically A.I. proof and are looking for people to fill the ranks. If you work for 5 years in a trade, you can still go to college. You can also work a good job while in college or pay for community college without taking a loan. You’ll have skills to be able to  DIY projects yourself at home or to have connections in the trades to know the right people to handle the tasks that you yourself can’t do.

Check out: Should I Go To College?


5. Health And Fitness Discipline


At 19 I wasn’t treating my body as well as I should have. Staying out all night, drinking, smoking weed… hitting the chicken shack at 3 a.m. just overall not a good diet or lifestyle. I’d still go to the gym but obviously, without the proper diet, the results were never what I wanted.

Let me tell you… those long nights out and all of that? Led nowhere. I don’t even know where most of those people I spent those nights are nowadays to be real with you.

Get physically strong: How To Ignite Muscle Growth


Get healthy: 5 Ways To Lose Fat Now

Without the proper health mindset, it will be very very hard to accomplish goals. With the right fitness mindset at 19, there’s no reason you can’t become a physical titan and make success happen.


6. Positive Mindset


I probably was depressed at some level. Didn’t think I was headed anywhere but maybe prison or worse. I’d get into situations I shouldn’t have been in. All a part of learning and growing I suppose. If I could skip that “era” of life… or cut it out really… to my current mindset? I’d do it for sure.

What does a positive mindset look like? I take every day at a time and work to make progress, spend time working, playing, giving thanks, and praying. I spend time doing it all, every day. Some days have setbacks. No big deal– I can always regroup and go hard again tomorrow.


As long as you keep every single day in perspective. Take every single day at a time, problems don’t seem to compound and they’ve never bogged me down since.

7. Committed To A Relationship


I was talking to a friend who is married. And he said, men nowadays don’t “claim” and “proclaim” their women.  He said because of this, there is a lot of instability in relationships. Women feel unsure of their status… and men are running around on them.

When you claim and commit… and back up your words with action… the relationships last much longer and are way more fruitful.


What do you wish you knew at 19, that you know now?




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