Apollo Indian Club Review: Best Indian Clubs?

Apollo Indian Club Review


Indian Clubs are a pairs of bowling pin like clubs that come from India, use for the purposes of strength and mobility. These clubs have become more popular in recent years as functional fitness has gained more popularity and attention. There are many many companies selling these clubs, some for obscene amounts of money. But I’ve found budget-friendly clubs that are high quality.

These things look dangerous, people ask me all the time when I take them to a park “What are those?”  They wonder if they’re some kind of ninja weapon.


DIY Clubs


Before I bought these I went searching for DIY clubs. I thought all of the clubs I’ve seen were expensive so I thought… how in the hell can metal clubs be so expensive? So what I found was a number of videos of clubs made with plastic bats filled with sand, some made with piping. What I found was after materials and time, these cost roughly the same as the ones online. So I went searching for the most budget friendly and found the Apollo Indian Clubs on Amazon.

Apollo Indian Clubs

These clubs appeared to be the most reasonably priced. The 5 lb clubs were $22.50 each ( Check Honey for promo codes) and get more expensive as their weight goes up. They’re made with iron and coated with some kind of textured black paint.

The value is excellent, the quality is good (paint starts to come off after uses). Since they’re iron, once the paint starts to come off, they’ll be susceptible to rust, so keep that in mind. The length of the bats is kind of confusing to me. The 5lb bats are 15 inches long, but each weight level increases the bat length too, compounding the resistance. They really all should be the same length, just increase in girth with each weight level.

Aside from that these are an excellent value and I’ve had great success with them.


Depending on what exercises you do with them, the exercises are generally geared towards hands, wrists, forearms, and shoulders. Mobility and muscle strength. So if you’re someone who has an ectomorph frame, and lift weights and notice that your arms are getting bigger but don’t work on your forearms, these are for you. These will give you the wrist and forearm muscle that you see on tradespeople who have been using wrenches and hammers for years. Functional strength and muscle.

Those with shoulders stability issues will benefit greatly from using these. You can attack the shoulder from every angle.

Over time you’ll notice the clubs get lighter and lighter and you’ll need to progress to the next weight level.

This routine is my favorite routine with Indian Clubs. Short, to the point, can be done in 10-15 minutes.

Apollo Indian Club Review $22.50
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Excellent value, not perfect.

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