Low Budget Seed Starting Kit

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 Low Budget Seed Starting Kit


If you’re starting seed indoors, you’re going to need something to facilitate it. Stores sell those small greenhouses with the pods. Those pods are one-time use only and low capacity. You have to plant your seed very close to your planting time or the roots won’t have room to grow. If you want the seed to have room grow roots and start growing indoors before the final frost (depending on where you are located) check out the materials needed for a Low Budget Seed Starting Kit.

DIY Low Budget Seed Starting Kit

Very Simple. Here is what I’m using :

The coconut coir pot fits pretty neatly into the Evian bottle. Just place the coir pot into the bottom of the bottle, put the top section on and that’s it.

Soil will be well aerated and there is enough room to allow the seeds to sprout longer indoors. The pots can be directly planted into the soil, or you can transplant and reuse.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of my watermelons.



Ledger - Valentine's day Special offers

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