How Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger Patties Are Killing You

How Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger Patties Are Killing You


The title may sound like extreme hyperbole…but stay with me as a lay out my case. Veggie burgers are the rage now with more and more people becoming interested in plant-based diets. With that new found interest a number of companies have emerged that focus primarily on developing vegan and vegetarian faux burgers and patties. Two of these companies fighting it out for plant-based meatless burger supremacy are Impossible Meat and Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat recently launched their stock which is a whole other story in itself. The stock has jumped to insane heights in a matter of months. Impossible Burger is ready to launch their own stock IPO very soon.

So the competition to become the very best veggie burger is heating up. With Beyond Meat launching their 2.0 burger later this summer and Tyson developing their own veggie patty one major question remains. Are these things even healthy?

The O.G. Veggie Burger


In the  History Of The Veggie Burger,  the origin of the veggie burger lead us to the U.K. where a man named Gregory Sams came up with one of the first veggie patties in the 1960s. His original mix of Seitan, oat flakes, flour, aduki beans was sold in the U.K. in his own restaurant called SEEDS..which was a macronutrient focused establishment. This restaurant became so famous that stars like John Lennon and Yoko Ono were frequent patrons.

Later on he began experimenting with different recipes and ultimately wanted to sell “add water” packets for his veggie burger rather than selling frozen or premade patties. He experimented with these formulas but had no frame of reference for how a burger should taste. He’d been a vegetarian since the age of 10 and never actually tasted a hamburger before.

Once their formula was to their liking, they began to commercially distribute VegeBurger (their patty name) and eventually sold the formula and the name rights in 1984. He became a wealthy man after the VegeBurger’s success and since that time, the idea of the veggie burger has taken off with many many different recipes and types coming and going throughout the years.

I remember when I was on my vegan kick I used to eat Morningstar burgers, which were made of mostly sunflower seeds if I recall. The veggie burger is a constant experiment in palate satisfaction. Catering to those who want hamburgers without the cow. There is a company who even developed a veggie burger that squirts juice out to resemble an actual hamburger. Yes it’s gotten that serious. So this history seems to have nature and the wellbeing of nature in mind, but let me tell you why these new veggie burgers, are truly destructive to nature and our bodies.

Not Really Nature Friendly


In my article How To Combat The Silent Killer Glyphosate I talk about the destructive impact of glyphosate on our bodies. I also show the tweets where Impossible Burger was found to have excessive amounts of glyphosate in their burgers. The reason why? Soy… here are the Impossible Burger ingredients:

Source: Impossiblefoods.com

Soy is the Impossible Burger’s second main ingredient after water. As I mention in the linked article, soy is already not fit for human consumption, then add the fact that soy in the U.S. is extremely contaminated with the antibiotic glyphosate ( RoundUp), that adds another negative to something already negative.

Now to Beyond Meat’s credit, the Beyond Burger does not contain soy, so their R&D team must be conscious of many people’s negative view of soy. However, from a health standpoint, they’re still contaminated with gylphosate because they’re made with Pea Protein Isolate. Peas are the third most RoundUp and glyphosate contaminated commercial crops after soy, and corn as I highlight here. Here are the Beyond Burger Ingredients:

Beyond Burger Ingredients Source: Beyondmeat.com

So these burgers contain Peas as their primary non-water ingredient which is better than the Impossible Burger’s soy. However Impossible Burgers use a combination of coconut oil which is a very healthy MCT fat, and sunflower oil. Beyond Burger’s pattie contains expeller pressed canola oil as the second ingredient after water. This oil is extremely bad for your heart and entire circulatory system. I recommend reading Deep Nutrition to understand the role fats and oils have on our health and how devastating seed oils are for us.

These burgers contain anti-nutrients and circulatory system destroyers. Unfortunately, these parts of the veggie burger hysteria are often overlooked.

The Truth About Veggie Burgers


These two companies, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meats,  have developed two very unhealthy “health” products under the banner of veganism. I think that people almost lose sight of the reason why they went veggie in the first place and fall into a vortex of vegan cultism. Always remember why you even went vegan.

It might be because you’re conscious of wildlife and the environment. If that is so, think about the vast amount of damage the monocropping of soy is doing to the environment. If your concern is personal health, consider that these ingredients being used in these products are no better and truthfully even worse for your health than eating an actual meat-based burger. If your concern is gluten, consider grass-fed meat.

I don’t know for sure but I’d guess that there are actually meatless burgers out there with much better ingredients. If you know of one, whether it’s from a store or a restaurant, drop it below in the comments section.


“I Want To Be Healthy And Lose Weight”


In order to lose weight you have to restrict carbs and gain muscle.  To gain muscle on a vegan diet it’s very hard because getting all the essential aminos to build muscle requires a meticulously thought out diet plan ( a service may offer in the near future, haven’t worked out all of the details).

Getting your aminos, and omega 3s (not omega 6s, which is why fish is great and seed oils are not) and eliminating empty carbs and other low nutrient density foods in my opinion, should be the health goal for most people.

You can still be vegan or vegetarian and gain all the nutrients you need and not eat these extremely unhealthy veggie burgers. You can also have cheat meals where you’re not vegan and eat a real burger or a steak. It’s important to not lose your humanity for some Socratically rigid lifestyle. If you think your life is ruined because you snuck in a cheeseburger on a Sunday afternoon hanging out with your friends, you may need to re-evaluate your life habits and that’s real talk.

I myself am not a vegan, but I eat vegetarian and vegan food all the time. Sometimes something on a menu or in the store catches my eye and i’ll eat it. I’m in no way against vegetarian or vegan foods. I’m against unhealthy foods masquerading as healthy foods.

Another Perspective


Here I want to put on my investor and options trader hat. Because Beyond Meat is a behemoth of a stock so far. Stock options have been incredibly expensive for it. On May 1st the Beyond Meat stock price was around $30 and today it stands at $235 per share. But it will have to come wayyyyy down. Because the restricted shares from the initial IPO investors will be available to sell very soon.

To learn more about Stock Options read: How To Make Incredible Money With Stock Options

So from a money maker’s perspective, this stock is very profitable both ways. It’s just right now there’s an irrational euphoria pushing the price up. But we don’t know how the company is performing just yet, plus IPO investors haven’t cashed out yet. So in this sense Beyond Meat is killing it in a good way.

Some might say “Seth you’re a hypocrite, how can you invest in something you don’t support”. I say to that, I’m not investing in Beyond Meat and Beyond Burger. I’m getting in and out. I have no longer term interest in the company because of the content of their products. When they release the Beyond Burger 2.0? I might change my mind, Maybe they’re looking at critiques similar to mine about their ingredients and are testing alternatives.

If that’s the case, maybe I will buy for a long term investment because I believe in the mission of the company.




As it stands now, I can’t call either one of these products a health food or eat them myself. They’re a mixture of incongruous substances glued together and packaged as something they’re not. But like I said, there is a way to make money from the flight of Beyond Meat and the likely flight of the Impossible Foods IPO. So if that’s your thing do that. If you’re looking to be healthy, stay far away.

What are your favorite veggie burgers and can you share their ingredients? Answer below.


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