How to become a producer instead of a consumer

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Consumer mentality

Modern day life is a swamp of marketing, advertising…consume consume consume. We’re being sold all sorts of

products from Sun up to Sun down.  From food, to drugs, to experiences, every angle is attacked. The result??

A society full of consumers.


It has increased much more in the advent of social media and streaming. Now we consume content almost 24/7

from our smartphones and mobile devices.  So our attention is spent on not only consuming products, buying

things… but also consuming content. By 2021, 80% of internet traffic is likely to be video content 

With all that time watching, shopping…when is there time to operate on the other side of the spectrum?

Being a producer.

We were created to be productive

Consuming is an act of taking. You’re taking resources from somewhere else and using them for yourself. Someone

else used energy to create content, to create the idea for a product, and you’re using that energy. But what are you

contributing? Are you participating in the law of reciprocity? I think there is an energy vacuum due to the amount 

of consumption there is in modern society. When I mean productive, I mean creating from that spark in your mind.


A mogul is someone who has a vision, and is able to organize others to fulfill their vision, they outsource and

multiply their production. That’s their trick. Productivity is compounded exponentially. They direct hundreds…

even thousands of people’s energy in their direction.

My Epiphany

A few years back in 2014, about  a year before I released my first book on https://astro-chologist.com, I was

discouraged. I wasn’t making the money I wanted to. I couldn’t figure out why. There was a moment where I sat on

Twitter and thought… all I’m doing is consuming. I’m not being productive. Yes I have a career… but I’m producing

things from my own mind and heart.


I live near a food bank, and have some space for a garden. So I thought, I can produce food for myself… and the

food bank. BEST DECISION I’ve ever made. That year I grew 14 watermelons. I cut up 12 of them, wrapped them

and gave them to the food bank in the summer. I sent a big basket of fresh raspberries over. I helped actually feed

people who needed it badly, and also feed them nourishing produce grown in healthy soil. It feels AMAZING.


With that came a few connections, and a few opportunities. I wrote my first book after that… self-published. I

manifested and produced content again that helped people.  The power of creation and producing is immense.


Maximize Power


There are a number of things that need to be done to even begin brainstorming… to spark the idea for what you

wish to product. Outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill is truly an amazing book. In this book,  Napoleon talks about

methods of generating brainpower through methods that are now known as #NoFap and breaking porn addiction.

This is vital for men. Zinc… the ultra important male mineral that generates male hormones. This mineral is lost

whenever you let loose. It takes tremendous bodily resources and energy to replenish it. Remember, the biological

function of men is to create a life. That kind of power… to create an entire life is recklessly wasted by men. It’s time 

for you to reclaim dominion over yourself.


Another factor is social media consumption . Wasting emotional and mental energy consuming on social media is

the second factor you should consider. Believe it or not, you’re using energy. Getting upset, even in the slightest,

uses valuable energy. Social media is a dopamine fix that stresses your adrenals out. This is why social media

increases depression


These two factors under control, or completely mastered to the point where you no longer use social media or porn

will change your life. Especially as a man.

Finding Your Niche


What do you like to do? What are you trained to do? Do you have a trade? If you can make people laugh, that’s

a skill… and you’ll be rewarded. Can you make furniture with your hands? You can use the internet to make a fortune.

1 – Do you have a skill … 2- Do you enjoy using it. These are the two questions to ask yourself. I love astrology. It’s

a  skill and practice I’ve developed over 15 years. It takes time…and took time.


Another trick is to pay attention to the kind of content you consume . You may find that the type of content and 

information you consume is what you’re best suited to create. Because you have knowledge of it, and enjoy it.

Get out there and get to it… time is wasting.







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