How To Conquer Anxiety Naturally

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How To Conquer Anxiety Naturally


Anxiety… It’s a problem that affects everyone from time to time, some worse than others. For some it’s debilitating.  I’m not a doctor so I’m not going to give out cures to this, because I don’t have any. However, there are some fundamental problems with the way we live now as a species that contributes to and exacerbates anxiety. There are simple elements of your life that you can change to improve anxiety. Learn  how to conquer anxiety naturally


Proper Breathing To Overcome Anxiety


Due to modern society and the type of foods we eat as a child, our mouths and jaws often develop improperly. Teeth crowding, sleep apnea, and snoring are all abnormal developments according to Jaws : The Story Of A Hidden Epidemic. As a result, we aren’t as rested, and breathing properly. Check out How To Get Amazing Sleep for sleep tips.

We’re supposed to breathe through our noses as mouth breathing sends a message to our body that we’re under stress and in fight or flight mode. According to Dr. Mew, of Orthotropics.com , modern mouths, jaws are not fully formed, and the tongue is a muscle that isn’t utilized properly. Strengthening the tongue and widening your palette through “mewing” will help re-align your teeth and help you breathe through your nose as a habit.

This, in turn, will reduce anxiety by slowing your breathing rate and telling your brain that you’re in a relaxed state. Breathing through your nose also reduces the pollutants and foreign substances inhaled. Your nose has it’s own filtration system.

Cut Back On Or ELIMINATE Social Media To Control Anxiety


In How To Break Free From Social Media’s Grip  I talk about how social media wraps you into a vicious attention loop. Fomo and the constant stimuli from new information, reading updates, is stressful. Social media anxiety is considered a disorder.

If you want less anxiety, use or eliminate social media. Besides, after a few weeks, you won’t even know it’s gone. You’ll be too busy enjoying life.



There are natural foods and supplements that can help alleviate some anxiety. One of them is L – Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid compound that boosts GABA, and slows down neurotransmitters to help relax. It can be found in Green Tea and taken in supplement form.

Flowers like Valerian are also useful and can be used as a tea, infused oil, or capsules. They help to relax the nervous system. The oil and diffuser I use can also be found here.

Licorice is a substance that can be taken as a tea or capsule to support adrenals. Often times anxiety comes from fatigued adrenals.

See your doctor for a diagnosis.


Sleeping And Awakening Coping With Anxiety


In How To End Your Day Masterfully  and How to Start Your Day Off Powerfully I talk about meditation and qi gong practices I do at night before bed and in the morning when I wake up. Starting off your day the right way is how you re-balance yourself. This makes sure your day is smoother overall, and you’re able to handle stress much more effectively.



Exercise raises serotonin and increases general feelings of wellbeing. This is a simple common sense thing that people tend to overlook. A consistent exercise regimen will help you greatly. I mix cardio and resistance training on alternate days.

Grounding And Barefoot Walking


This practice is calming and relieving. An amazing way to decompress and calm yourself. If you have the opportunity to spend some time walking barefoot with your feet touching grass and dirt. You’ll find that the practice stimulates the mind as well. Great for brainstorming and unhatching ideas.

The first time I did this I noticed that my hearing sense increased. All sounds became amplified, it’s like the Earth was talking to me. It was a unique experience.  Tree hugging (don’t laugh) is another way to ground yourself as well. You might find you’ve had a similar experience. Let me know below!!

Stay Busy


An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, stay busy, stay motivated. I’ve found that simply staying busy working doesn’t allow time for negative emotions to really foment and lead to more problems. I don’t know about you, but I also tend to feel down when I haven’t done anything that day. Working is as important as play.


I really want to emphasize the 1st step though. That one is really important. That step should come before the next parts in my opinion. But take all this information and test it, apply it, and see what works for you.


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