How To End Your Day Masterfully

Beginning your day powerfully is vitally important for a productive existence. Eating right, thinking right, are all critical elements to success. But ending your day is also equally as important. If you start your day off well, then end it poorly, then you’re not reaching your peak.

So in order to reach your best each day, there are some meditations and practices I love to do in order to end my day.

How To End Your Day Masterfully


As a practice, I wind down my day doing Mantak Chia’s Six Healing Sounds .The six healing sounds are focused healing energies towards your organs, breathing exercises, and sleep preparation all in one. This provides energy, much like Reiki, to every organ, with a focus on expelling the emotions that strain and tax those organs resulting in emotion-based illness. Then Mantak concludes the medication with a heat release, heat is channeled down to the feet away from the organs and head. This helps with a cooler feeling when falling asleep. Our bodies should be cool when sleeping and in a cool environment.

This practice is so potent, and quick. Some other health benefits you may notice are soreness, aches, and pains in certain parts of your body vanish. This has done wonders for my back and my elbow, which is often susceptible to inflammation from working out. For you, the benefits may be different. You never know until you do it. One thing I guarantee, and that’s that you will reap some kind of benefit from doing this.

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Using this exercise, and creating the right sleep environment before bed will absolutely, undoubtedly change your life for the better. Keep up the consistency and it will become second nature.

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