How To Fight Rinos And Dinos In Politics

How To Fight Rinos And Dinos In Politics


It’s election season again and we’ve seen a number of “debates” already with the large field of Democratic candidates.  Donald Trump still goes on Twitter to blast the most random of people every morning bright and early.

Politics are a mess and a filthy game. During the past 3 debates we’ve heard unproven rhetoric…wishful thinking… and promises. Many of which will not be fulfilled. Some because the way isn’t there, despite having the will. Others will not be fulfilled because there was actually no intention to. We were duped.

This cycle happens over and over again in politics. A politician running makes a promise and it’s not fulfilled. They get re-elected or replaced with someone who does the same thing.. promises the world, doesn’t back it up. How do you identify an actual candidate to vote .. for versus a candidate that is simply, not as scary as the other person? How do you know if they’re honest?

How I Vote

I vote in all local, state, and national elections. I also research all candidates and look for character deficiencies. I start there before I even get to their party or anything else. Have they followed through with promises? Have they been receptive to critiques and advice? Have they exemplified traits of moral courage? Do they have an open-door policy?

These questions are much more important to me and my candidate analysis than party. The parties are two mafias.


Dinos And Rinos

After you sift through their record and examples of high moral character…then you should analyze their politic. If they’re a democrat and that’s the way you lean… do they actually have liberal/progressive beliefs? Do they have a voting record that supports the democratic philosophy? Or are they a D.I.N.O. (democrat in name only).

If you’re a democrat, the principles of collective bargaining, freedom from pollution and corporate abuse of the environment, equal opportunities across race, gender, and religious lines, social safety nets, non-interventionist foreign policy have been positions of the democratic party. If your candidate is not taking up these issues, they’re fraudulent.

If you lean towards the conservative side, does the candidate you’re looking into have conservative beliefs? Do they have a voting record that supports them? Or are they a R.I.N.O.

If you’re a republican, the principles of restricted state power, tight reigns on government spending, low taxes, individual rights have been positions that republicans have held. If they’re not applying this philosophy to their legislating, they’re frauds too.

A big problem with modern national politics is people vote for DINOs and RINOs and get taken for a ride. But don’t do anything about it. Viable alternatives, smart people, are shunned in favor of the frauds.

Gangs Of Dinos And Rinos

Politics right now are completely flooded with Rinos and Dinos. And it’s easy to find out who they are with research.

Donald Trump is the king of the RINOS for example. Just recently signed a very bloated $715 billion dollar military budget. These are not the actions of a conservative. Mitch McConnell is another.

Tulsi Gabbard, who is a military veteran, voted against the 1st amendment in the recent BDS resolution. This is not the vote of a progressive democrat. Ayanna Pressley, a “progressive” congresswoman also voted against the 1st amendment here.

President Obama unilaterally droning Yemen and Libya are not actions of a democrat.

Dinos and Rinos voting for the bank bailout in 2008/09 aren’t actions that fall under democrat or republican philosophies.

So what we end up with is politicians perpetrating a fraud on the public, by not being held to a high standard, not voting with a guiding philosophy or moral courage. Simply voting based on fear. Fear of losing their seats, their connections, and their power. They don’t fear us.

They should fear voters more than anyone else. But that’s not the case, because they know they can pull the wool over voter’s eyes.

It’s up to the public to get things right.

Dinos And Rinos Everywhere

When news comes out about a black man being killed by police, conservatives and republicans are quiet. Is this not a state overreach? The state executed someone without a trial. The NRA said nothing about Philando Castille, a legal firearm carrier when he was killed by police. Not a word.

Republicans who are silent on these issues are imitation republicans…RINOS.

Back in 2013 the “Farmer Assurance Provision” was added to H.R. 933 which essentially gave Monsanto free reign on supplying subsidized commercial crop growers controversial GMO seeds. With the effects on the environment unknown…unknown potential health and environmental damage, democrats voted in favor of this bill and President Obama signed it.

DINO behavior.

Sticking To Moral And Philosophical Codes


Voters often do not even know what Democrats or Republicans (or Libertarians, or Socialists) are. They have no reference points in terms of philosophy or ideology. Some people show up to polls with no idea about any candidates or any issues.  If this is you, I seriously recommend just staying home.

Having the knowledge and also the moral courage to vote your conscious is important. Politicians being well read, and having the moral courage to vote their beliefs is important also.

In the center is where fence-sitters dwell. These are the politicians with no moral courage and no philosophy on legislating. They oscillate between slightly liberal and slightly conservative, as long as it’s safe, and doesn’t make waves… they vote for it.

I avoid these politicians.

Personally, I sit out elements of different elections. For example, I may vote for U.S. Senate, but not the House of Representatives. Or I may vote for City Council but not U.S. Senate. I only vote for candidates and let everything else fall where it may.

Some may find that problematic, using the idea that not voting for A, is a vote for B. I disagree. If everyone had the courage to vote FOR their candidate as opposed to fearing that candidate B is going to win… we’d see many many different faces in our government bodies and might actually get more honesty.

Spend some time and go to Open Secret

to see where your candidates get their funding.

Go to Congress

to see their record if they’re already in office.

Identify the RINOs and DINOs in your area…

Identify an alternative with integrity in your area…

and vote for them.

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