How To Get Amazing Sleep

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We’re taught to be #TeamNoSleep and to be on 24/7. That sleep is the cousin of death. That sleeping is something to be ashamed of, and shunned. Our peers tell us this, the ones that are out every night clubbin’ or at the bar. Or the workaholic friends who think that staying up on Red Bulls and Monster energy drinks is the path to success.

The truth is, a balanced approach is the path to success. Intense mental work periods, meditation, physical work, sleep.  Good quality sleep is one of the  pillars of a productive life. Without it you break down, and can’t maintain that work intensity and productivity level. Coffee and stimulants tax the adrenals and your glandular system. People become addicted to coffee. People crash and burn. And people can’t sleep.

Their life suffers.

In addition to the “always on” mentality. There are many many additional reasons why sleep suffers. Let’s explore them now, and remedy them.

Blue lights from electronics screens

If you use a smart phone, then you’ve probably noticed recently, most phones come with a nighttime mode, or blue light filtered installed from the factory.  This helps mitigate the blue light problem. Blue light tells our glands that it’s still day time out.

So if you’re using your phone or computer hours before sleep while it’s dark out, your body is still producing day time hormones.  When you go to sleep, it’s tough to fall asleep because you just told your body to instantly turn from day to night.

Stop robbing yourself of energy.

Make sure to download a bluelight filter for your phone and computer if you don’t already have one.

Keep your phone out of your bedroom

The radio frequencies from the phone actually disturb sleep. If you fall asleep with your head right next to your phone, you’ll probably wake up with a headache. That’s because the radio signals are frying your brain while you sleep.

Your room should be quiet, cool and comfortable. NO PHONES, NO ELECTRONICS. I have nothing in my room by my bed but a nightstand, and a book. Some use their phones as an alarm. I recommend a digital clock to replace it.

Now that we have electronics out of the way…

Weighted Blankets

Some people recommend a weighted blanket to help sleep. Weight blankets are claimed to help people feel safe, and in turn, help sleep comfort. I personally don’t have one, but many swear by them.

Blackout curtains

You want to sleep, you need a dark space that keeps light out. Light tells our bodies to wake up. To start making serotonin, and get on with our day. If you work overnight, this is something you will definitely need and appreciate.

Sleep mask

A sleep mask is that mask that covers your eyes that old people wear in old movies. They’re not just for old people… anyone who wants pitch darkness to sleep should use these.

Take CBD oil

CBD is a stimulant, drug free cannabis extra oil that is truly amazing . CBD oil has helped me fall into a deeper sleep, also some joint aches and pains have subsided due to CBD. I use >Sabaidee CBD which is hands down the best I’ve used. I’ve tried a number of them from Amazon, but many are cheap knockoffs or simply hemp oil. Sabaidee is the real deal Holyfield.

One of the best parts about it is it is totally non-addictive, it won’t ruin your sleep if you don’t take it (like taking melatonin can). If you stop taking it your sleep will be find, you won’t have any nagging urges to use it.

Vapor diffuser + valerian essential oil

I use this sometimes instead of CBD. This gives you a knockout punch.  I use the Zen Breeze oil diffuser

This is a worthwhile investment because you can purchase essential oils for other purposes, such as help with concentrating, help with mood, etc.


Go Outside


How could something so simple be missed by so many? Exposing yourself to sunlight ensures that you produce melatonin adequately once the Sun goes down.  If you are stuck in an office, make an attempt to go outside, or sit outside during your lunch break. Take a walk… expose some skin to the Sun.

We are meant as humans… to be outside. I get the best night’s sleep after I’ve been gardening, hiking, or otherwise outside all day. It’s the perfect insomnia remedy.

Having the right mattress for your sleep type and body type

This is an additional component but not as vitally important as the first 3. Having a good mattress with the right softness/hardness for your body type and sleep position is very important.

Often people ignore this. A mattress is an investment in yourself, it’s more important than the type of car you drive or the brand of sunglasses you wear. If you don’t cheap out on your clothes why would you cheap out on your mattress. Especially when you spend 1/3rd of your life there. Doesn’t make sense!

In the end the process of getting good sleep is really as easy as 1-2-3


1. Get electronics out of your room, limit use at night.

2. Use CBD / Oil diffuser

3. Get outside

Now 1 might really be a life altering move… It may be difficult. Habits are tough to break. But doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing. But trust me. These steps will change your life for the better.

4. Right mattress

These steps have helped. They will help you tremendously. Maybe even fix any issues you’ve had with sleeping. Sleeping is critical….CRITICAL to everything in your life. It’s not something to be ignored or downplayed.


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