How to get in shape starting TODAY

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Stop hiding on the treadmill

PSA  – You will have to get off the treadmill. Yes that’s right.

You can’t keep hiding on the treadmill.  I see it all the time .

This is something I’ve noticed at the gym time and time again. Someone who is out of shape, man or woman, hiding

on the treadmill and never really losing weight. I have news for you. You will never get in shape hiding on the

elliptical or treadmill.


Why? Because 1… you’re not attacking your problem. You’re running from it.

Your issue if you’re out of shape, or overweight.. is a multi-fold problem.  You’re consuming too many calories and

not burning enough calories. In order to burn more calories you need muscle.


The only way to gain muscle is to lift weights… resistance training. I see many people avoid this.  This is an excuse I’ve

heard from people who have avoided weight training. “I have to start out with low weight and people are going to

look at me crazy”.  Here is the truth of the matter…. nobody cares about how you look in the gym.  Gaining muscle

and getting into shape takes a time and energy investment.  Starting off at low weights is how everyone is

supposed to start.


It’s imperative to train your ligaments and joints with low weight when you start. Your new body has to acclimate to

the weight, and balance itself.  This is nothing to be ashamed of.  The only thing you should be afraid of is never

lifting weights and as a result never getting into shape!


What I’ve done is always go to the gym with my headphones and music, with the only purpose being, executing my

routine. Not worrying about what others are doing. I’m the only thing that matters.  Embrace that mentality.

Because the only person who matters in there is YOU.

Tune everyone out, get to your routine, get it done.

The metaphysics of running

People jog to  relieve stress, stay in good cardio shape, and a host of other reasons.  One of them is avoidance.

Let me explain. Escaping from circumstances is a natural human instinct. And there are a number ways people

escape. Some eat, some do drugs, some jog I love me some cake myself.


Jogging is probably the least harmful of  coping vices. But it is one. I believe some people  who power walk or jog at

the gym are using that as an escape. But not addressing the fundamental problem. Which is you being unhealthily

overweight, and feeling inadequate. Weight lifting and physical transformation is empowering… and massively

confidence building.

You need a weight lifting routine to start NOW

Finding a good beginner’s resistance training routine seems daunting. There are so many to choose from. I

recommend doing  Athlean X

Athlean X has resistance training packages for every level. Jeff Cavaliere designed these regimens with all kinds of

people in mind. Like Apollo Creed told Rocky…”there is no tomorrow.”


Start off slow. Keep your benchmarks simple. Create a habit. Gain the confidence of accomplishment.

You’ll quickly realize nobody cares that you’re curling 5lbs. or 40… or 100.


If resistance training is out of the question with weights. I recommend books by pro athlete conditioning

trainer Ross Enamait. His books have sample routines and all sorts of aerobic and anerobic bodyweight exercises.

His program books are amazing.

The thing about fitness, is the techniques are future proof. What worked 1,000 years ago works now to this day.

Ross’ books are 15 years old, but perfect for the current time.


Warm up on the treadmill


This is a major factor in a quality workout. Warming up. Getting your blood flowing . Absolutely critical for success,

also for  preventing injuries. It doesn’t have to me a breakneck pace. It should be enough to get your heart rate up

and to break a sweat in 10 minutes. After you’ve warmed up. Then hit the weights (even if it’s embarrassing to you).











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