How To Ignite Muscle Growth To Build Muscle Fast

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How To Ignite Muscle Growth To Build Muscle Fast


Everyone who has ever stepped foot in a gym wants to gain muscle and build muscle, usually fast. But often do not stick around to see their gains through. There are a number of factors to consider. Routine is one… are you doing the right routine with the right goals? Are you doing the right training for your body type? Are you eating the proper diet?

We’re going to travel through all of those questions and issues and address them now.

Your Body Type


Why are ectomorphs doing the exact same resistance training routines as endomorphs? Often times we train with a partner, but doing the same routine will yield different results for each person. Just as an example, a duo that goes to my gym and does the exact same routine yields different results. Now we don’t know their diets or blood types. But they’re both 5’8″, 5’9″ ish.

One of them has adipose fat around his midsection and much poorer muscle tone. The other one is ripped with very low body fat. Their bodies respond to the stimuli differently. It’s like putting a pit bull and a chihuahua through the same routine and expecting the same results

Ectomorphs need a different set of exercises than the others due to physical dimensions. Barbell bench presses are better suited for a mesomorph. Someone built like Dainis Zaigeris, a strongman world champion. But for ectomorphs, which many many people are, barbell benches are incredibly harsh on the shoulders and joints. You will get better results doing dumbbell bench presses, and cable presses. As an ectomorph, you will never be able to out lift a mesomorph with comparable training.

As an ectomorph you need more rest too. Recovery time realistically is going to be longer than the others. You have more delicate joints and muscles. Mesomorphs have the benefits of both body types. It’s a more balanced frame. Speed and power.

Here is a SIMPLE musculature test :

In between your bicep and elbow, how many fingers can you fit? If you can’t fit any, you have outstanding musculature, 1-2 fingers, great musculature. 3 or more, good to poor musculature. This will also help tell you how fast your capacity is to increase muscle size and your recovery time.

Ectomorphs also tend to be hard gainers, so the next section about diet and blood type is very important.


Blood Type And Diet

Blood  Type

The blood type diet is a concept created by Dr. D’Adamo using the basis of blood types, their individual synthesis of proteins, fats, and other foodstuffs. He explored and studied the different blood types, when they were prominent in history, and what kind of food those people ate.

For example, Type O is the original and oldest blood type. So there is a very specific set of foods these people ate in history. These were hunter-gatherers in Africa. They ate mostly meat, some greens, few whole grains, fruit like watermelon and other melons.  So the type O blood type metabolizes meat the best. And is the best blood type for stress resistance, and low body fat. These people are also most resistant to heart diseases.

On the flipside, Type O’s have the worst reaction to simple carbs and sugar. Simple carbs cause a lot of inflammation in Type O’s.

So if you’re a Type O and want to gain muscle, it’s easier for you. You have the strongest stomach acid, digest protein the best, and have great stress resistance. So this blood type does well with a higher threshold of resistance training.

Type B is the second best in terms of digestion, protein synthesis, AB is third, and A is last.

So if you’re a Type A, you have poor resistance to stress and it’s more likely that you’ll suffer adrenal fatigue and gain weight. So because that is the case, your resistance training routine will need to be more conservative, with more rest.

Unfortunately, some Type A’s believe that training harder with higher weights will yield better results. The opposite is true.

So you must take your body type, and your blood type into account before you get started on your journey towards gaining muscles and gaining mass.


I put together one of my favorite meal combos for building muscle that’s friendly to all blood types in 3 Meal Recipes For Serious Clean Muscle Gains. For better or worse, your diet at its most optimal may have to be very different from whoever you live with. So in that sense, it may be expensive. If you can afford it, I’d look into prepped meals, like Eatcleanbro.com, and others. Many of these new prepped meal services cater mostly to health enthusiasts, athletes, and bodybuilders.

If you don’t want to order meal plans and want to create your own meal plans, I recommend MealplanmagicMeal plan magic has meal plan software that is created by dieticians. I was a dietetics student at one point, you can read about it here: Why I no Longer Pursue Dietetics. The software Mealplanmagic offers used to only be available to dieticians and dietetic technicians. I actually started creating meal plans for others until my membership to that software expired. Now anyone can create extremely tailored meal plans using Mealplanmagic.

Tailor your diet to your body type, and your blood type. Those are the filters and lenses to view diet from in my opinion. It may seem like a daunting undertaking at first, but once what you eat, and how you work out becomes a habit, then it’s smooth sailing from there.


Hormone Optimization


Yes there is more… more information before we actually get to a workout regimen. And the reason why is most of muscle growth is what you do outside of the gym. So hormone optimization is absolutely critical to increasing muscle size and mass.

First things first…sleep. If you’re not getting your best sleep, you’re not recovering to your potential. If you want to get your best sleep check out How To Get Amazing Sleep. I’ve found many ways to enhance and deepen sleep that work for me and will work for you.  Sleep is essential for hormone optimization and recovery.

Another core element to general hormone optimization is testosterone optimization. 3 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters lists the best test boosters to get the maximum return on your investment. This component is vital especially if you struggle with weight gain and adipose fat. Chances are you’re low-T. Always see a medical professional to find out your actual T-levels. Never assume you’re high or low-T.

Lastly, one other thing I take seriously in the hormone discussion is plastics. This may seem very borderline picky but I practice it. And that is using glass instead of plastic as much as possible. Meal storage? Glass pyrex storage containers. Instead of a plastic water bottle? I use a steel canteen. I buy glass bottled water instead of plastic bottled water. I drink Mountain Valley Spring and have it delivered to my house. I use a shower filter and whole house filtration system.

Municipal water supplies are loaded with contaminated water. Drugs, chemicals, minerals, all of these are absorbed through the skin and ingested through eating and drinking. Thankfully, there are new techniques being worked on to eliminate these chemicals from municipal water as highlighted here: New Chemical Processing Methods.

Hormones are CRITICAL to muscle building. Do not skip this part under any circumstances.


Stress Reduction

If you’re not a Type O or B blood type this is critically important. Check out How To Start Off Your Day Powerfully for a morning Qi Gong meditation ritual that I do, linked there is the companion night time meditation I do. It’s important to reduce stress to keep hormones and recovery optimum.  Adaptogenic tonic vegetables and herbs like Maca root and astragalus can be incorporated into the diet to level hormones off as well.


What About Protein Shakes? Best Supplements For Muscle Gain

Protein shakes honestly… are not exactly necessary. Most of them are made from dairy waste products and cause inflammation in our digestive system and by extension…body. Even though I’m a meat eater, I only use plant-based protein powders. My favorite is the Beyond Fresh line. I add in some vegetables and fruit into their powder system. I drink and chew.

If you want to use a whey powder, Transparent Labs has a great line of the highest quality protein powders and muscle growth supplements. But fundamentally I get my nutrition from eating. I make sure I chew fully and break down my food as much as possible for optimal digestion and absorption.


HGH is a naturally occurring substance in the body, and many athletes, I believe,  covertly use it to their advantage. It does work. Long term studies on using it point to side effects and hormone issues as highlighted here by Harvard: https://www.health.harvard.edu/diseases-and-conditions/growth-hormone-athletic-performance-and-aging.

Anabolic steroids are also risky. Some use them effectively, others? It wrecks their bodies.  It’s really a matter of trial and error, luck, and personal body chemistry. Personally, I’m not interested in using P.E.D.s. I accept what my optimized body can do and don’t overstep those bounds.



Finally…Resistance Training


I’m a blood type B, Mesomorph/Ectomorph, 6’3″. So my regimen is geared towards tall movements (no bar bench pressing) and moderate intensity. I believe this is the best way to analyze what exactly should be done when you work out to gain muscle mass.  I never do reps to failure, and I only workout resistance training 3 days a week, and I go four weeks on and 1 week off. Using the progressive load formula, I gradually increase weight and reps in a staggered way.

Example: 2 weeks of 90 lb 12 rep dumbbell bench presses. Followed by 2 weeks of 100lb 12 rep dumbbell bench presses. Then after my week off, bump it up to 100lbs and 15 reps.  I track all my workouts using an app called simple exercise workout app. It’s free on Android. I’m not sure if it’s available on IOS. But they no doubt have something similar.

With this format, muscle building doesn’t have any guesswork to it. It’s systematic muscle growth and muscle gains, and a constant challenge, but not to the point of exhaustion. When you rep until failure and work out until exhaustion, you stress out your nervous system and hinder recovery. Delayed onset muscle soreness is a telltale sign to slow down and recover, take some time off.

My favorite resistance training routines currently come from Athlean X, and Alexander Cortes. Alexander has a workout program for nearly every goal imaginable. Beginners, veterans, men, women, tall, short.  I’ve purchased his 3 day workout regimen and his tall man regimen. Both are excellent and cut through the confusion. Those are worth checking out.

Athlean X is a more comprehensive muscle building suite, featuring cardio, resistance, and other forms.  So either one is amazing. There is also the Beachbody suite like P90x. The thing about exercise programs is they never become obsolete.

Here’s an example of one of my tallman routine days :

It’s a combination of push and pull movements, and targeting the shoulders and chest that day. Nothing too crazy that will harm the shoulders or elbows.

Find a workout regimen that fits your body type, blood type, and experiment. Through some trial and error, you will find a system that supports fat burning and muscle growth. And the closer you adhere to a strict regiment the faster those muscle gains will be.


Tracking Progress

Some people become discouraged after not seeing VISIBLE results and end up throwing in the towel. So use objective and concrete results that can’t be denied by a photo or lighting angle. Measure your biceps, take bodyfat measurements, measure your neck, shoulders. This way you have proof of progress. The eye test is not reliable. Numbers are very reliable, however.




In conclusion, the steps to muscle growth and gains are:

1, Body type optimization – Working out for your body type

2. Blood type optimization and diet – Eating and nutrition that favors your blood lineage.

3. Hormone and sleep optimization – Peak body ecosystem efficiency.

4. Fitness regimen – Constructing a regimen that fits the pre-qualifiers #1-3.


What’s your routine? How have you grown your own muscle mass? Let me know in the comments.





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