How To Make Incredible Money With Stock Options

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How To  Make Incredible Money With Stock Options

Part of my quest here is to share all of the methodologies that I use to help me earn income so that you too can earn income. The economy is in a rough spot, my article Jupiter in Capricorn 2019 and a history of financial crisis explains what I see coming up soon from one perspective. It seems it will get worse before it gets better. We need ways to mitigate the economic impact as much as possible.

Stock options are one of those ways.

What Are Options??

All the intricate details and definitions can be read on Investopedia. In a nutshell, though, options are betting or forecasting a future stock price and reaping the rewards of the correct forecast. Using a put option allows you to make money on a stock you see as overpriced and likely to diminish in value… if it does, in fact, reach that diminished value by that contract date.

Call options are contracts to buy on a certain price.  So these contracts are used for stocks that you deem will increase in value.  An option to buy 1,000 shares of “xyz” at $10, the stock goes to $30 by the contract date. You’ve just earned 300% on your investment.

Is it gambling? Yes and no. Having knowledge of the stock market, market trends, industry trends is important. Keeping up to date on news and developments is vital. News moves markets, and sometimes there are big one day moves. It’s important to follow all of these details for determining whether you want to long or short these stocks. Options are one of the best investment options for big gains.

How To Buy Stock Options

In 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Dividend Stocks  I talk about the Robinhood app as a means of investing in dividend stocks. You can also trade options there too. People use mobile phones to browse, bank, and everything you can imagine. So this app will probably be the most convenient way for you to trade options because if you’re reading this, you’re probably on a smartphone. Download the app, sign up, fund your account. Then you will have the option to upgrade your account to an options trading account. Do that and you’ll unlock the ability to trade options.

Once you unlock that, it’s time for the next step.


Let’s Make Trading Stock Options Easy

Trading options can be time-consuming. It requires research, d&d, and time. If you have the resources to do all of that then that is excellent. You will likely do very well and make good money. There are many good options trading strategies.

If you don’t have a lot of resources, time to do due diligence,  I recommend joining Options Gang. Options gang created by Karl Williams is simply an online membership group where the analysis and d&d is effectively done for you. So you save time and money, but also get effective money making options picks.

Try out a 1-month membership first to just test the waters. But you’re going to end up staying longer because of the money you’re making.

Some Stocks

Some stocks I like to look at personally, are stocks in tech with recent IPOs. These stocks usually have no profits and rely on hype to fuel their early rallies.  SNAP opened at $27 per share and in December 2018 fell to $5 per share. Lyft, the rideshare company just went public recently, last quarter they recorded -800m in profit. I suspect this stock will sharply downturn after the quarterly financials are released.

Pinterest just launched their IPO and that is something worthwhile to look into as well.

Look at some of these gains :

Stock options Lifestyleguerilla


Stock Options 2 Lifestyle Guerilla



This is not for everyone but it’s a way to make money without having to have business, infrastructure, blog, etc.

1. Join Robinhood

2. Join Options Gang

Do your research, get into the habit of watching the financial news.



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