How To Self-Construct And Reverse Self-Destruction

How To Self-Construct And Reverse Self-Destruction


Lil Boosie is a 36-year-old rapper who has made a lot of money. Enough money that his children should never have to worry. So when he was arrested the other day with weed and guns and pulled over for leaving his lane, I thought, why? Why does he still do those things which led to his previous arrests and incarceration? Smoking weed while driving with guns in the car…in rural Georgia? Doesn’t seem smart.

This self-destructive behavior is a symptom of something. It’s a response to something inside. I’m not a psychologist, so maybe one who reads this post can add on to this. But something inside is lacking and the way to self-medicate is destructive. How can you turn this around into something positive so you don’t end up like Boosie?


Analyzing Self-Destruction


Why do people engage in behaviors detrimental to themselves? Not only do they hurt themselves, but those who love them. What’s at the root?

There are many factors, some chemical based, some emotional, but at the core, I think it has to do with self-respect and knowledge. Self-respect in the sense that you know what you do is harmful, but it may not matter to you. Knowledge… because you’re engaging in a vice that you do not know the reason for engaging in.

For example, why did you do drugs, or start doing drugs?  Was there a traumatic experience? A tragedy that drove it? Maybe you saw a friend or parent doing it. These things have to be looked at. So how do you address the root cause once it’s been found?

Reversing And Replacing

Someone who overeats or has an eating disorder may have some emotional reason for eating. Maybe stress at the job. Then some stress reduction techniques should be explored. Because once the stress is addressed, the eating can be addressed head-on.

No matter the vice, the root causes have to be explored, the main motivators.




Rebuilding yourself after a long period of neglect, and abuse is a long process. It’s like rolling down a mountain and having to climb back up. It’s going to be long and hard in all likelihood but worth it.

You have to replace a negative obsession with a healthy obsession. Quit smoking, start jogging.  Quit watching porn, start reading in chunks, quit eating, spend time cooking healthy meals.  Look at the negative vices and reverse them, counter them, with productive activities.


What would have happened to Boosie had he not gotten high and not had a gun in the car? Think about that. What if the car had nothing to smoke in it, and no weapons. What if he had a holy book on the back seat. Self-destructive vices are always choices at the end of the day, choices that can be reversed or replaced with self-constructive actions.

It’s all about pivoting from something negative to something positive.



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