How To Start Off Your Day Powerfully

Waking up

Waking up in the morning and checking the phone is what many do first thing. Then eat breakfast and take a shower, or visa versa, and head to work.  Breaking fast is the most important meal of the we’re told. I don’t doubt that. But there are actions that we can take that are even more powerful.

Most people just wake up and go about their business. I fully believe that there are simple meditations, breathing exercises that should be done before anything else. Before eating, before checking the phone, before all of that.

Qi qong exercises for breathing/activation, meditation, and body control is one of these practices that can really set your day off right. My personal favorite : The 8 pieces of Brocade

The 8 pieces of Brocade.. or BaDuanJin, is a breathing, medication, and body control exercise that activates the organs and provides energy and clarity. I actually come up with ideas during this short meditation. This particular video is only 11 minutes. That’s all it takes.

This ancient practice energizes but also calms at the same time. The main idea is control. Controlled movement, controlled breathing, controlled energy. Alleviation of anxiety and stress, and a refocusing of energy.

Then go on about your day. I promise you this will help you.

Aum, Om, and Um


Another practice I do is Aum mantras. The practice of Aum mantras is simply the Hindu, Buddhist call for help from god. This is how deep this goes. When people don’t know what to say… they say “UM”. UM fills in the gaps. Without even knowing it, they are asking god for help.

Aum mantras are the conscious ask for help from the supreme power. The vibration and note of the mantra is also important. I personally do this one : 108 Aum Mantras

This one is 108 Aum repetitions. 108 because it equals 9 in numerology. 9 is the number of completion. Now because it takes roughly an hour to do 108. I choose a lower number that equals completion. For example… 18 equals completion, 27 equals completion, 36… and so on. It’s more practical for most people to do 27, or 18, or 36. So that’s what I do, I do 36.

The clarity and ease of mind gained after doing this is incredible. There is a deafening silence. Everything around you is amplified. You’re at ease.


I do this practice sometimes alone, sometimes in addition to BaDuanJin.


Both practices have helped my mood and state of mind while waking in the morning. Spiritual, mental, physical food to set off a productive day.


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