How To Upgrade Your Immune System To Protect Yourself From Disease

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The virus is most deadly to those in advanced ages. 70 years old and up. That’s typical because as you age your ability to fight off infections decreases. But there are many younger (under 40) “healthy” people who have been suffering badly during this outbreak.. why?

It all starts in the gut. Since the 1980s and ever more so each year, the food supply has been flooded with an antibiotic herbicide known as glyphosate. Read about it here: lifestyleguerilla.com/how-to-combat- This is a major aspect of the modern poor immune system that’s unable to combat.

even minor illnesses with effectiveness. Glyphosate harms the gut. In addition to glyphosate harming the gut biome, a diet rich in lectins ( gut busting proteins) from raw legumes like peanuts, partial grains (enriched flour), white potatoes (french fries, tater tots, etc)

These food kill your gut biome, resulting in lowered white blood cell production and weakened immunity. Bad bacteria have overrun the modern gut and breached the walls, and invaded the body. White blood cell creation happens in the gut behind the good bacteria and mucosal lining.

without this mucosal lining strong without gaps and holes, and without a strong diverse gut biome, the body is easily overrun with foreign microbes, viruses, and proteins. Once in the bloodstream your immune system begins to attack the body wherever these substance flow to.

in your circulatory system. This is autoimmunity. Your immune system is attacking itself now. Think about a fort that’s overrun… and the only way to save the territory is to bomb the fort with the good and bad guys inside. The immune system can’t effectively fight off new.

enemies. There’s no defense. In addition to diet, excessive hand washing actually is detrimental to immunity. medicalnewstoday.com/articles/27395 sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/ Add in NSAIDS, anti-biotics treatments that aren’t followed by probiotic treatments, you’ve got a problem.

So how do you rebuild the gut biome? Neutralize lectins with cooking. Don’t eat raw beans, raw potatoes (replace with , they yams contain almost no lectin) One thing to look into is Larch arabinogalactan to bind lectins. Prevent them from even making it into your gut.

next rebuild mucosal layer, using Ancestral Supplements Intestines and tripe (contains necessary aminos like Glutamine). Chicory, slippery elm also help build the short chain fatty acid mucosal layer that feeds the good bacteria.

Next, repopulate the gut by eating a wide variety of fermented foods. Some have issues with fermented foods because their gut is still leaky. But they will build your gut biome.When your gut biome is healthy, the gut will send your vagus nerve the proper signals to tell your brain you’re satiated, not hungry

info.dralexrinehart.com/articles/heal- Check this link out for more gut healing information. Once your gut is healed, not only will your immune system stop fighting your own body, build up a strong white blood cell fortress to fend off any invaders (including viruses, not just bacteria).

In addition to fermented foods, look into SBO (soil-based organisms) probiotics and. They’re the probiotics you get from playing in dirt as a kid. Another component of immunity is sugar and vitamin C. Reduce sugar (white sugar, simple carbs) drastically. Vitamin C sources = citrus fruit (limes,key limes, oranges, grapefruit) Cataplex C, cyruta by standard process. No ascorbic acid (not full vitamin C). A misnomer is you can “boost” your immune system. Truth is it’s either working 100% or it’s compromised to some degree. Good luck!



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