How To Use Natural Movements To Get In Great Shape

How To Use Natural Movements To Get In Great Shape


We often want to gain muscles so we look better and stronger.  Then we focus almost exclusively on resistance training in the form of lifting weights.  This is important. We can’t afford to lose muscle mass.

Most of modern society is working desk jobs or working at a computer for long hours and as a result, our bodies are falling apart. Chronic back pain, general muscle atrophy, weak core muscles. Resistance training alone isn’t enough. Because most resistance training routines people do at the gym do not focus on functional movements.

As a result people become very stiff and imbalanced with some muscles very weak, and some very strong. Balancing your exercise routines by adding in natural movements will help this problem, so you don’t end up moving like mummy.

How can you combat moving like a mummy with out of balance musculature?


Animal Flow Program


Animal Flow by Mike Fitch is a bodyweight training program that takes animal movements, turns them into bodyweight exercises that can be strung together to create a “flow”. These flows can be as long or as short in duration as you see fit. They can also be done at different levels. Most of the exercises have a novice and advanced version of them.

The power of these programs are the attention that smaller muscles, and your ligaments get. These movements are often complex and activate muscles that you didn’t even know you had. I started with animal flow 2.0, created multiple flows in my simple exercise app, and then choose 1 to do in between resistance training days.

These natural movements will make you more stable, stronger, and give you better balance.

Movements like this crabwalk :





The Afro-Brazilian martial art, which could be referred to as “dance fighting” is very popular now. Authentic classes are widely available in different cities across American and around the world.


Dumbbell Deadlifts


This is the natural movement of picking things up off the floor while standing, that’s it. So doing dumbbell deadlifts is an outstanding natural movement focused exercise for people of any age.


These are a few examples of natural movements that can be used to gain strength and increase your overall well being.  To see what supplements I use that could help you too.. check out : 3 Must Have Supplements For Great Health

Do you do functional fitness? What has worked for you. Comment below.

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