How To Use Pinterest As A Free Traffic Generator

How To Use Pinterest As A Free Traffic Generator


Pinterest is one of the last few organic “social media” sites out there. Their recent IPO and foray into the stock market has been rocky. We don’t know the future of their business model. But as it stands now, Pinterest is the best free traffic generator available. Twitter, Facebook, and most social media sites have moved to models that favor PPC and don’t favor organic traffic. So Pinterest is one of the last of a dying breed in 2019.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like a google images search engine. You search for a certain category of images, re-pin/share them to your own “boards”, if they’re linked to a website or of other use, people re-pin them. If you pin good, useful images, you’ll get a lot of impressions, and potentially a lot of traffic. It’s that simple really.

These boards on your own account are host to all images you upload, pin, and re-pin. Build up your boards and watch them grow. If two separate boards, say for example; a fitness board and a wellness board have something in common? You can re-pin your fitness board pins to your wellness board and vice-versa. You can do this for all your boards. You can create whatever kind of boards you want too.

They don’t have to slide into one specific category.

It’s an image search engine. So what use is it to you?

 Using Pinterest As A Free Traffic Generator

With my astrology account, I’ve built up my Pinterest to over 200,000 views a month and 19,000 engagement actions ( clicks, opens, etc). I’ve done this by manually posting images I’ve created myself with Adobe Spark (use whatever software you want to create graphics) and pin a number of them per day.

I’m not greedy and always re-pin other’s quality pins to share the wealth.

So create about 4-5 versions of a graphic, link it to an article or link of your choice. Then re-pin 10 or so other pins. Do this every single day and watch your free traffic grow. The best traffic generator there is.

Best Categories

Now there are actually categories that are excellent others that are just decent. For example the top categories have to deal with :

  • Fitness
  • Health and Wellness
  • Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • DIY
  • Crafts
  • Gardening


These categories get the most pins and the most traffic. So if whatever you’re using Pinterest to drive traffic to can be dovetailed into those categories. Even if it can’t, my astrology account still gets a lot of impressions despite not being a highly popular category.

Short Videos

Now companies like Canvas, Promo allow users to generate and edit short videos. If you’re into creating quick videos, this will be right up your alley. Quick tutorials, guides, or preview videos can be more attention grabbing and as a result, get better engagement. So that’s something to try too. This is how to use Pinterest as a free  traffic generator.


How To Crush It And Generate Traffic On Autopilot


Tailwinds has created the dopest Pinterest software yet. With Tailwinds you can connect to posting groups called “Tribes” in different categories and what you do is pin your own pins, and pin other’s pins. In return your pins will be re-pinned by others in the tribe. So your pins are constantly being re-pinned and gaining traction.

There is also a feature called “Smartloop” where you can recycle and re-pin older pins of yours on a schedule. So what I like to do is make 10 different pins per blog post and put them into the smart loop. They pin as often as I want them to and they’re constantly building my traffic for me.

Tailwinds even has a Pinterest to Instagram feature in Beta now where you can take pins and turn them into Instagram posts automatically.

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Tailwinds Plus gives you access to critical insight features, hot/cold maps, traffic data as well as scheduling features not available in the free version. You can also add users so if you have a business you’re starting with someone else, they too can use the account and you can compound the power of Pinterest as a traffic generator.

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