How To Use The Simple Philosophy Of Feng Shui For Success

How To Use The Simple Philosophy Of Feng Shui For Success


Feng Shui means water and air. These are the two elements that are “wet” in astrology and Chinese astrology. They’re constantly moving, like a current. In order to keep the energy around you flowing constructively, there are ways that your domicile can be arranged to facilitate that flow. That’s part of  how to Use the simple philosophy of feng shui for success . Check out this Bagua chart :


This is an example of how one could arrange their home for the best energy flow.  The colors are a mixture of color therapy and feng shui. Some colors are best suited for particular rooms. The southwest corner which could be a library, painted in a Carolina/Sky blue color to facilitate open thought. The southeast would be a perfect office space, with the color purple dominating.

The center could be an open-air gym, meditation center. This is a dream of mine that I’m going to turn into a reality. Maybe using shipping containers or some other means to build it. But stayed tuned :D.

So I don’t have this complete set up yet. But have elements of it. My office and library is in the south west of my house and it has been very productive. The color system helps keep us in a balanced temperament throughout the day. A Feng Shui garden/fountain is a way to constantly have all the elements active in any room. I have a small table top feng shui fountain.


Many people ask why bother doing this. It’s considered a pseudo-science, so it must have no validity right? That’s the attitude many will take towards it. But have you noticed when you’ve been to someone’s house, you’re in their living room, and the walls are white, the furniture black… It changes or affects your overall mood?

Or how about a colorless bedroom. As opposed to a red hue palette, or some other color that sparks passions inside you. This is a part of the flow concept in Feng Shui. The right colors bring out the right attitude in the right environment, at the right times.


Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness


One of the most important facets of Feng Shui is keeping your living space clean. A lot of people have cluttered homes with a lot of junk in them. The idea behind clearing space for energy flow is that you have room for NEW things.

One thing I always do is donate my old clothes to foundations, old electronics to foundations, old furniture. Just about anything that can be donated, I donate. This lowers my tax burden but also makes way for *new* to enter into my life.

There is a reason why in eastern architecture, the design is often simple, clean, and incorporates different elements. The use of stones, plants, water, and fire are norms. Clutter is kept to a minimum.

Clutter build up in the home metaphysically indicates stagnation. Progress is not being made in life. Maybe you’re a nostalgic person and prone to living in the past. Hoarding and clutter is a manifestation of that.

I’m not saying throw away the past. Always keep important pieces of your history in your home. But your home shouldn’t be glued to the past. Clearing out clutter forces you to update and think forward, which by extension will help you in every part of your life. You clean out old clothes, you update and buy new clothes. And everyone feels great in new clothes and up to date styles. For more on information on feng shui check out: What is feng shui

For more on balancing your own life, starting your day off in meditation and with an even-keeled outlook, check out: How To Start Your Day Off Powerfully.

Stay tuned ….Peace



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