If You’re A Man You Must Do This Simple Test

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If You’re A Man You Must Do This Simple Test

*This is not medical advice, see your doctor if you believe you have a health issue.


If You’re A Man You Must Do This Simple Test. Modern life is attacking human’s biology from every angle. Whether it’s through food, environment, extracurricular activity, men are suffering from all sorts of physical problems. E.D. , man boobs, high body fat, these are modern issues.

Let’s start with the modern environment. The modern world is full of anti-testosterone pollutants. BPA/plastics in our food and water, pharmaceuticals in our shower and tap water.  Unnamed chemicals in the air from who knows where. All of these elements affect our hormone levels as men,

Diet… dietary habits have changed. Men eat more carbs, drink more carbs and are more sedentary. Foods are filled with soy, corn, and other additives that work against us.

And then comes the personal habits. Masturbating, not sleeping, and plenty of others I won’t belabor you with. Masturbation causes the loss of 2mg of Zinc every time.  Not sleeping inhibits recovery and testosterone production. To see my 3 Best Natural Test Boosters and How To Build Muscle Fast check out: How To Ignite Muscle Growth To Build Muscle.

All of these factors lead to a very important conclusion. Many men in modern times are lacking Zinc.


Zinc is one of the most vital minerals for men and male development. The mineral is also responsible for male sex hormone production.  Modern farming, agriculture, has led to poor soil quality as I talk about in 5 Reasons Why Veganism Is Nonsense.

The result is people not getting enough nutrients, and men in particular not getting enough zinc. You can research the mineral itself, its sources, side effects, symptoms of deficiency here: Zinc.

Here are the top 5 sources of Zinc :

  • raw oysters (Pacific), 3 ounces: 14.1 milligrams

  • beef, lean chuck roast, braised, 3 ounces: 7.0 milligrams

  • baked beans, canned, ½ cup: 6.9 milligrams

  • crab, King Alaskan, cooked, 3 ounces: 6.5 milligrams

  • ground beef, lean, 3 ounces: 5.3 milligrams

So if you’re not eating any of these foods then chances are you’re lacking.


Then there are the environmental blockers of Zinc. Like Cadmium (CD), urban industrial environments have a lot of soil and vegetable CD contamination: Soil contamination with cadmium, consequences and remediation using organic amendments

CD blocks Zinc absorption. Other Zinc blockers include corn, sugar, grains that contain phytate: Dietary factors influencing zinc absorption.

I also talk about this the “How To Ignite Muscle Growth” article mentioned earlier.

We have diets that are high in refined grains, corn is added to almost everything, and a majority of the world’s populations live in a metropolitan area, often industrialized.

So there’s a good chance you’re deficient in Zinc. There’s also an easy and inexpensive way to find out.


Zinc Deficiency Test

Zinc deficiency test


This test is rather easy, it will cost you around $14, but that’s much less expensive than going to the doctor for pills and hormones.

You will need to buy Biotics Research Aqueous Zinc

By the way, if you want to save money while online shopping I have great tips : 3 Simple Ways To Make Money To Invest

Once you receive it. Take the recommended dosage and put the liquid into your mouth, and hold it for 30 seconds to a minute. If it tastes like water, you’re zinc deficient. If it tastes bitter? You’re not zinc deficient. If you are zinc deficient, take the supplement until whenever you get a bitter taste while doing the test.

If you take too much zinc, you may hurt the zinc/copper balance so if you get that bitter taste you should probably stop taking it.

This test is quick, simple, and inexpensive. If you’re a man, you should take the test. The only thing you may lose is $14. You will gain an incredible lot if you are deficient.

If you’re a woman you may also be deficient too so if you’re reading this it’s something you can do too. It’s just more vital for men’s biology.


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