One Can’t Miss Motivation Hack For Workouts

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One Can’t Miss Motivation Hack For Workouts

I’m Not Motivated

We all have those days, those days when we just don’t feel it, the energy is off. Going to the gym or working out is a true chore. Sometimes we muster the energy to make it to the gym, but don’t work out as hard as we could. There is a hack that can help you with this. One that’s based in metaphysical principles of sound frequency and resonance. Let me explain.

Sound frequencies shape water, shape molecules, and affect our physical being. Tibetan monks know this and use singing bowls to heal and meditate. Depending on the musical note and frequency of the bowl, different chakras and organs are addressed. If your chakras are out of balance, they should be re-tuned.

Drums Of War

If you’re lacking the motivation to act, this indicates that your root chakras are underactive. How did armies motivate and galvanize their men to close quarters battle? Armies are filled with all types of men, young, old, strong, weak, how did they manage to direct their energy? They used DRUMS of war. Research any army or battle, especially from the pre-modern era. Drums were used to motivate, but to also strike fear into the enemy. 

This is because drums activate the lower chakras. Drums operate on a  low frequency, and this activates primal instincts and energy.

In addition to the sound of the drum, the color red is a motivating color and the color of your root chakra. The British army in the  American Revolution wore red coats, and that color, in truth, helped the Americans.

So what does this have to do with you and working out?

The Sound Of Music


When I go to the gym, I listen to music. It allows me not to get sidetracked in conversation but also keeps me focused. I listen to Trap music and Hip-Hop. Mainly because of the BASS. It touches on bass-ic instincts as humans. Aggression, money, sex, survival. These are all parts of ourselves the frequency of that music activates. Drum and Bass, EDM, Dancehall, Soca, there are other genres that also activate the root chakra.

In addition to finding your bass heavy playlist, see RED. While you’re working out wear a red shirt, look in the mirror at the gym at your shirt, find ways to incorporate visions of red while you’re working out.

There is a reason why gyms are always playing these types of music… and it’s for the reasons mentioned above. I like to keep my headphones on though to drown out all the other distracting noise. These ideas, if executed, will help you get going even if you’re not feeling it that day.

It works. Sound manipulation is a science and when used properly, can yield amazing results.

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