The Secret Nikola Tesla Death Ray Files

The Secret Nikola Tesla Death Ray Files


Recently, the FBI released their files on the reclusive and controversial science figure. Inside it features some very interesting bits of history in regards to his life, his works and the (mis)handling of his creations after his death. Did the government take his creations? Did someone else? Was he being surveilled? There is so much here and I haven’t even begun to really scratch the surface of this. But what I’ve read so far is really interesting.


Nikola Tesla Death Ray

A few months into WW2, an 80+ year old  Nikola Tesla reveals that he has laser beam technology that can hit warplanes. These laser beams in theory, would be placed strategically in different areas of the United States to create an air defense system the likes of which no nation has ever seen.

Nikola would develop high voltage beams that could fry a fighter plane in mid-air. To develop this the U.S. would pay him $2 million dollars and development would have to be totally under his terms with no outside interference.

The technology apparently was there, but Nikola passed away shortly after.


Who Took My Stuff?


After Nikola Tesla’s death, controversy surrounded the whereabouts of his files. “The Life Of Nikola Tesla” author John J. O’Neill claimed that the FBI took Tesla’s coveted files inside his safe post-death. However some people including a distant relative… Sova Kosonovich, may have gotten some files from him. The office of alien property took whatever remained. The prize of interest was the “Death Ray” plans. Whoever got their hands on the death ray would gain a decided military advantage. The U.S. government was concerned about who would find these plans.

What became of these files.. is the death ray out there?


It seems like there was a fight over who and what got those files. But now we have to fast forward all these years.


Interplanetary Chatter


Nikola Tesla supposedly had some kind of interplanetary radio device in development. The files of this device were recovered. But who finally got them in the end? Is a government R&D sector like DARPA creating this type of device? Was it already created? Time will tell.




We see evidence of Tesla’s ideas with Elon Musk’s Tesla cars of course. But also the “ray gun”  which is a mild version of the death ray which is used for crowd control. What about interplanetary radio? With the recent Area 51 memes, who knows what’s coming soon. We might find out soon that these technologies are actually in use now.


Link to the archive : Tesla Files

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