TRX GO Suspension Trainer Review

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TRX GO Suspension Trainer Review


Rope training…a method of suspension training dating back to 1800s. In the 1990s, Navy Seal Randy Hetrick used rope suspension training while on deployment. Later came up with the idea of the TRX. It was developed and came to market in the mid-2000s.

Since then it’s become a staple piece of workout equipment for all different types of people. From elite athletes to those who suffer from MS who attend group workouts to remain strong. It’s an extremely versatile piece of equipment.

The TRX GO is the “travel” version of the TRX suspension trainer, but really it’s all you need. The other “full” version of the TRX features accessories like resistance bands, a ceiling or wall bracket, water bottle. These additional items can be purchased much less expensively … separately. That TRX package retails at $170.

TRX GO Price

This is priced at $99.95 on Amazon.com. There are many other less expensive suspension trainer brands out there nowadays. Some that cost $40, some $70, the prices are all over the place. But the reason why I bought the TRX is because they have 20 years of experience manufacturing it and it’s the original modern suspension trainer. Knockoffs may or may not be of the same quality, but I trust the TRX brand.

Often times knockoffs are made with subpar materials and construction. I weigh a solid 238lbs. So If I’m using a suspension trainer on a tree limb, I can’t have the trainer snap on me.  That brings me to quality.


TRX GO Quality

I have nothing to compare it to, but the quality is absolutely top-notch. The woven nylon material, handles, metal hooks are made to support 1,400 lbs.


TRX GO Features And Accessories

The TRX GO comes with a workout book, a bag, a door anchor, a loop anchor. The strap’s length is adjustable. The handles have a loop at the end of them for your feet. So you can do planks and other core exercises as well.


TRX GO Issues

Very minor gripe but somehow my adjustment strap got twisted and I can’t seem to turn it back. It doesn’t interfere with functionality but visually it looks like something is wrong. The loop anchor could be a bit thicker. I put duct tape around the nylon loop anchor to protect it when I put the loop around tree branches so that the nylon doesn’t fray over time.


TRX GO Workouts

When I use the door anchor, a few of the exercises I do are chest flies, back flies, chest presses, face pulls, back curls. When I use it on a tree limb, I do back rows, push-ups, planks.

In the video below, is one my favorite advanced TRX workout.

Below is a beginners routine:



The TRX Go is a fantastic piece of workout equipment. It’s versatile, high quality, and easy to carry anywhere. If you’re out of shape and a beginner it’s excellent. If you’re an elite athlete it also has it’s use for resistance and maintenance training.

TRX GO Review $99.95
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Outstanding, versatile piece of workout equipment. Somewhat overpriced.

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