Why I Stopped Pursuing Dietetics

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Why I Stopped Pursuing Dietetics


This was 2013-2014 or so. I wanted to get into dietetics to become a dietetic technician. Why? I wanted to improve people’s health, I wanted to heal people via nutrition. I enthusiastically began learning about human biology at a deeper level, the science, the chemistry. It was all very intriguing to me.

In the first year I had some interesting professors, I’d talk to my human anatomy professor often after class just to pick his brain. Dietetics is a science, as is weight loss and everything related to the human diet.

The second year came around. The rigors picked up, the classes were harder, there was harder science involved, as well as some calculus. Tough stuff… but I powered through it. It was  the first semester of my second year. Taking 15 credits for the semester. Then I was faced with an issue that bothered me deeply.


Moral Dilemma


We were tasked with writing a research report about something nutrition related and making a case to support our research. I decided I was going to write about Monsanto’s Round-Up and other products, and their effect on the environment. It was a thorough report, I brought up many of the issues surrounding bee die off, Glyphosate, and problems in the food supply, and what I thought should be done about it.

The Professor Told Me To Do It Over

I was informed  by the professor, who also was the dept. dean, that this topic was not acceptable, and that I had to do it over or it was an F. I just  couldn’t believe it. We arranged to talk outside of class in her office. What I was told I will never forget. I couldn’t write anything negative about Monsanto because they were sponsors of the program and the “union” / group that the industry employees were a part of. Where we had to pay our dues. Coca-Cola, Monsanto, sponsor a program about nutrition. 

How could this be? This flies in the face of my personal mission within the industry. I want to really provide nutrition… heal people.  The opposite of what these companies are doing. I decided I’m not going to play the game. If this is what my work and education would have to be about, I don’t want to participate.

Tiptoeing around major societal problems is something that I couldn’t do. Just don’t do or say anything and play the game, play along, get a job, then change.

That trojan horse strategy doesn’t work though. There are many examples of that in politics alone. Rather than change from the inside, osmosis occurs. People get beaten into submission by being surrounded by that which they wish to change. It’s too tall of a task, and you’re all by yourself.


I ended up completing my Political Science degree. It was more my speed. I like engaging in ideas, smart government ( if there is such a thing), and debate.  Some say I went the easier route, and politics is more ruthless than dietetics. But it’s probably a game I understand better.

I don’t think health should be compromised by abusive companies. So I choose not to participate.

In the end I’m glad I made this particular decision. I still focus much of my life on health and nutrition, just outside of the parameters of that suffocating program.

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