Why You Need To Start An Online Business Today

Why You Need To Start An Online Business Today

Online business and e-commerce is increasing every year, retail stores are closing down. The move to an internet-centric commerce world is quickly coming upon us. And this shift is shaking the foundation of our society. The old economics are being phased out and a new way of doing business is becoming the standard. Millions are falling behind. It will not be a choice but a necessity, to have some sort of online business or online reach for your skillset.  So what can you do about it?

Some Of The Economic Numbers

Forbes has a list of top 20 fields that are set to vanish. Many of these fields are being replaced by robots and A.I. which will result in the displacement of millions. Trucking jobs will be replaced by A.I. and remote drivers, field laborers replaced by robots, auto manufacturers replaced by robots. The outlook is severe. The jobs numbers for Q1 19′ layout these trends. The stats say the U.S. has created over 100k new jobs, but this is misleading. These jobs are mostly part-time and lower-wage jobs, while the trend in retail, trucking, and manual labor is downward.

This downward trend in many career fields is only going to increase in the coming years. The economics here are dire, and politicians are afraid to address this reality head-on. It’s really going to be up to you to make things happen for you and your family.

Dropshipping Is Not The Answer In My Opinion


You may come across videos and ads for this shiny new profitable business called dropshipping.  It’s this great model where you don’t need inventory and can sell anything you want. Usually sourced from China or some other cheaper manufacturing source. People are making insane amounts of money from dropshipping right? Seems easy.

Wrong. People are making money selling drop shipping courses. There are over 800,000 drop shipping sites on Shopify alone. That doesn’t account for non-Shopify dropshipping like Ali-Dropship sites. A number of people just build these sites to sell too, on top of that. If the business model was so great, people would just run the store, and not try to sell courses and premade sites to you.

The fact is that a million people are sourcing from the same place and it’s cutthroat.  I call it e-scalping. You’re selling products for small margins and trying to sell the same products to the same people. It’s an unsustainable race to the bottom.

Some people have great success branding their own products imported from elsewhere, but that’s more of a regular business. A business that requires somewhere to keep an inventory and entire supply chain. And that’s doable, however, it requires some capital, time, and manpower.

This is just my personal opinion. If you do want to take a stab at dropshipping, there are in fact successful people using Dropified. This dropshipping platform is much simpler and user-friendly and offers a free trial. So you can go hard for two weeks and if it’s not working to your liking, just cancel.

I’m also selling my 2 licenses for Ali-Dropship if anyone is interested in taking a crack at it.

Skills Pay The Bills, Starting A Profitable Internet Business


Skills still pay the bills. If you have a skill and an internet connection, you can make money. There are all sorts of people who are farmers, craftspeople, and every field you can think of who have Youtube channels and blog sites that are thriving.  These sites are monetized and provide passive income. Most of these people are not celebrities or Instagram models, or influencers. They’re regular people who provide value in their field, online.

Monetizing a skill is something that can be done rather easily, and the more experience and knowledge you have in a field, the more it can be monetized. I’ve purchased urban farming e-books off of people on Twitter, Social media courses from people on Facebook. These are simply people with a skillset and knowledge that sell them to people who want it. You can do it too, whether you’re 70 or 20 years old. There is no limit on the possibilities.

If You Don’t Have A Skill Get One

Now is an amazing time, big universities offer free online courses, sites like Udemy offer inexpensive courses in niche skills. Google searches are a treasure trove of free information ( if you have a discerning eye). You will need some discipline and focus. You’ll need to cut back or straight up get rid of social media. You will have to break Social Media’s Grip on your valuable time.

It is necessary to have sommmeethingg to offer though. If you’re older and have more experience, the better. Sadly these are the people who take the least advantage and are more cynical of the internet and their ability to start a business online.

Starting An Online Business Focusing Locally


Many people start an online business and think about the massive pool of potential consumers. They focus on the entire world, they think international = more business. While that’s true in many cases, it’s not always the case. For many skillsets focusing locally will be far more fruitful. And you can be a locally focused online business. The sad truth is most small businesses have not adapted to the online marketplace and are being left behind. If they just had a website they could double or triple their business. They could keep their store open 24/7 rather than 9-5.

If you have some sort of small store, rather than a global focus, you can concentrate on the marketing and raising brand awareness locally.  Gaining a small pool of dedicated customers is enough to sustain a decent quality of life.

Say for example you have a construction consulting business. A small local client base that pays you because you have intimate knowledge of the area, connections, and proximity will be far more fruitful than a massive online campaign focused across the country, or even globally. You will be easy to find online, can feed your family, and don’t have to become some massive online celebrity. You can also monetize your business in a number of ways, developing a course that you sell on your site is one for example. This is how you can reach people outside of your area code if you want to, and passively non-stop, 24/7.

Skilled Labor As A Home Based Online Business For Second Income

If you’re a skilled person, a blue-collar tradesman, how can you make money online and earn a second income? Don’t you have to physically work to make money? The answer is no. Being a tradesman or woman is absolutely fantastic for an online business. If you’re a plumber you can write E-book guides on how to fix specific things cheaply, how to do this, how to do that. You can inexpensively create an entire library of e-books to sell online. How to videos and courses can be sold. The possibilities are endless for you.

You might say, “I don’t know how to use computers”, that’s fine, almost everything that can be done on computers can be outsourced rather inexpensively on sites like Fiverr. You can have an idea and simply send the task out to someone else to complete.

Have Realistic Expectations For Your Internet Business


It will likely take a while for your online business to get rolling. Google has to rank you, people have to know you and your brand (which is why local is better for certain business types), and it takes work.  The goal is to have steady growth and reach your benchmarks.

Unless you have some wild viral marketing strategy that is proven to work, that you plan to use, this is the way forward. There’s nothing wrong with that either. Plan to work and work the plan. Be good to customers, and word of mouth will spread, and your reputation will carry you.

Track your Google analytics for your site the trends for your business will be easy to monitor.


Be Prepared For Setbacks


Setbacks are just opportunities. They allow us to learn and sharpen our swords. This site is really the 2.0 version of a site that I stopped in 2008 called Thelifeofabunance.com. I shut it down because I wasn’t making the money I wanted to. It wasn’t that I wasn’t providing value either, but my knowledge on how to run a site that was Google friendly was lacking. Fundamentally I have the same focus in mind now with Lifestyleguerilla.com, but now I have 10 more years of knowledge, writing experience, and life experience. You’re thinking damn, 10 years that’s a long time. Trust me it goes fast and it goes faster the older you get. It goes by in a flash.

So you can take all the tricks of your trade and knowledge learned from setbacks, and provide more value, better products, and a better business.

Buy E-Commerce Business Tycoon To Learn How To Start An Online Business

I’ve put together all of the steps to start and sustain a successful online business. A REAL sustainable business, not a fly by night gimmick. You’ll learn everything you need to know whether young or old. Realize that you have something to give, and something to contribute to this world, and often times you just need the right outlet.

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Identify Your Own Skills And Voice

What skills do you have that can be monetized and turned into content. What kind of life experiences do you have that can be shared and might be valuable to others. Make a list, identify them, outline them. Starting an online business isn’t hard when you know exactly what kind of content to make.

The only thing left to do is to execute it. Logistics, how will you deliver content, design, etc. Decide on what method is best for you to deliver your message and content.


Don’t Be Afraid To Pivot


Rebranding or starting a second business may seem like the worst thing for you to do. But actually starting another business and linking them both together creates a bigger net for you to solicit more clients and more work. Many people who have online businesses and e-commerce businesses have multiple businesses. Sometimes the first one was moderately successful but the second one is more conducive to their passions, and it thrives more than the first one as a result.

Failure is a brick in the road to success. If you find after a year or two, that the business is not gaining traction, do an assessment. What are you not doing? What works, and what doesn’t? One problem I can tell you right now that is affecting people very negatively is site speed. Slow websites kill conversions and your Google ranking. Yet it seems to be an epidemic. Online business owners don’t do technical testing for their website, seeing how it performs on different smartphone models, on different screen sizes, etc.

So you may have to change your site, your business model, or even your skill. You may have to pivot.


Whatever You Do, Always Blog For Your Internet Business


Always blog and depending on what information you present, mix up the media type, written, audio, or text. Text in long form is one of the best ways to assure you have a website that will get steady traffic. Many suggest 2,400 words is the best length for a page 1 ranking as of right now. So getting traffic, building a customer base, blogging will ALWAYS help that.

So many people who market via emails, people I actually subscribe to, write very long and well thought out text content via email. This content is rarely if ever, posted on their own website on their blog. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Once the email is sent it disappears into obscurity. If people don’t read it when it’s sent, it doesn’t do anything for you.

All of that content should be revised, edited, and cleaned up for a blog. Sometimes the posts are so long that it would even be wise to break them up into multiple posts. I’m talking 5,000 word emails. This is too much valuable content to just let vanish into the pit of unread emails.


You Can Earn Automated Passive Residual Income With A New Online Business


An online business with a store is one way to earn truly passive income 24/7. A well-optimized site and business will be one where you don’t even have to check on the site, and money is coming in steadily. Even if there are active tasks that you must do, a goal should always be a portion of in of income at the very least be passive.

There are so many delivery vehicles for this too, and very inexpensive at that. I sell apparel, e-books, phone cases. The apparel and phone cases are outsourced and dropshipped. I never actually touch them.


Get Started NOW


Do not wait. This is a thing where the earlier and faster you start, THE BETTER.  The economy is rapidly changing and being left behind out in the cold is somewhere you really don’t want to be. There will be no refuge from the more electronic and online world that this is turning into. Adapt or fall behind. The good thing for you is that you have come across this information and that the startup costs are not exorbitant.


There is no reason not to start today. Chart your course, start your business, and win.


Adapt With The Times


Some products or aspects of your online business will become obsolete over time and may need to be phased out and replaced with newer features or products. If whatever you’re doing is working, build on top of it. Maybe add a podcast, or audiobook to your mix. Maybe add videos. Upgrade your website server, your theme, etc.

Have you ever been to a website that looks like it was from 1997? Not a good look.


Use these tools and information to get started on your successful business, today.

Always Be Open To Feedback

As a matter of fact, ask for feedback. If you use social media, you can start a poll for free. Ask your followers to respond. On your small business website, download a survey plugin or sign up for a survey service that integrates with your website.

This is how you can adapt and change things that aren’t working then get a better ROI. This will help you become a better business entrepreneur in general and you’ll run a better business. If you want to run a successful business these are the types of often hard realities you must be willing to face. Most people rather believe everything is fine rather than do the hard work to get actual results.

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Just on this one post, there is enough information to help direct you in the right direction. You just have to be ready and willing to jump in with both feet!

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